Everything You Need to Know About Event Toilets

Oct 30, 2018 | Uncategorized

About Event ToiletWhen planning an outdoor activity, such as a corporate event, wedding party, or a social party, it can be difficult to find an outdoor venue that is equipped with washrooms. Even if you have your event in your yard, you can get more indoor traffic than your toilet facility can handle. That’s where event toilets for hire come in handy. 

When It comes to hiring event toilets, you want to put your best foot forward to impress your guests. Guests in attendance may be attending your event for the first time, but it could mark the beginning of a successful relationship, especially if it’s a business event. That’s why you should consider renting portable luxury toilets that will reflect your organisation in a positive light.  

Features of Luxury Event Toilets 

There’s a wide selection of event toilets for hire with different features and prices, and you typically get what you pay for. It’s advisable to evaluate the features of various event toilets available and choose a solution that best suits your needs.  

A good event toilet should include the following features on top of the basic features such as soap dispensers: 

Strip curtains – Most low-end toilets for hire don’t have proper privacy features. If you value your privacy and that of your guests, you should go for portable toilets that are equipped with strip curtains. 

LED lighting – You want to feel safe when using the toilet—something hard to achieve in a poorly lit environment. In that case, you should go for toilets that are equipped with LED marker lights for improved illumination.  

Advanced flushing system – You want a cost-effective yet efficient toilet facility. You can get luxury toilets that are equipped with fresh/grey water flushing system. With this system, the water you use for washing your hands is not discarded but rather recycled for toilet flushing.  

When it comes to hiring event toilets, be sure to choose a reputable company such as Addplant Ltd, which offers reliable services at competitive prices. Keep in mind that there are many toilet hire companies out there that don’t live up to their promise of quality services—take the time to find the best.  

Why choose Addplant Ltd? 

If you are looking for quality and reliable event toilet hire solutions, you can’t go wrong with Addplant Ltd. Addplant is a premier events solutions company boasting a wide range of portable washroom facilities to suit your specific needs.  

Regardless of the number of the guests you expect at your event, Addplant has got you covered. Their toilet trailers are available in four different sizes to suit various event sizes. The company also has a team of competent staff, so that you don’t have to worry about any delays when it comes to setting up the toilets at your venue. 

Even if you are not sure of the kind of washrooms that are suitable for your event, Addplant staff will assess your situation and help you choose the best units for your needs.

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