Are public toilets for hire now open for business?

Are public toilets for hire now open for businessIn a word, yes! 

However, with this yes comes a vast amount of guidance that must be followed. 

Safety is of paramount importance.  Reducing the spread of Coronavirus is on every individual’s and business’s agenda, and everyone is playing their part to support this mission. 

The good news (and there is some) is that it is now safe and also seen as necessary to reopen communal toilets and offer portable toilets for hire once more. 

To help keep everyone safe and ensure full compliance, we’d always recommend that you refer to the latest government guidance and advice online; however, we’ve provided some guidance measures that the Addplant team follow and promote widely to help. 

Addplant guidance for the use of site and portable toilets 

First and foremost, carry out a risk assessment for each individual situation, project, site identified, etc.  Every area and need will be different, and it’s important that this is specified in your risk assessment so appropriate measures can be put in place to help mitigate these risks. 

This leads us to putting robust control measures in place, which are then proactively monitored by appropriately trained personnel. It’s not a case of spying on people to make sure things get done; it’s about making sure that appropriate procedures and processes are followed to help keep everyone safe. 

All companies and businesses should have COVID policies regarding cleaning, i.e., how often this now occurs, what happens if a member of the team/public tests positive, what is your cleaning response to COVID, etc.  These policies are essential in demonstrating that you are COVID secure, providing workers on sites with confidence that they are protected, and members of the public who may use your facilities with peace of mind that their safety has been accounted for. 

Due to limiting numbers and enforcing social distancing measures, you may find an increase in demand for the use of portable and communal toilets.  If this is the case, you may need to increase your toilet to person ratio. 

We then move on to PPE and do you have the right level and type of PPE?  It isn’t advised that any additional PPE is required or necessary, but we would recommend providing everyone with the right PPE as and when needed.  This can build confidence and again give that peace of mind that people are looking for. 

You will also have to consider an increase in the volume and frequency of cleaning and the number of cleaning operatives you have on duty at any one time. 

Before opening your portable toilets up: 

  • Carry out additional checks adding to your current risk assessments and mitigating measures.  Do you need additional customer toilets for hire? Or will your current toilet block suffice? 
  • Look to increase signage, introduce floor markings, and tape areas that are no longer required or considered essential.  Ensure social distancing and facilitate good hygiene at all times. 
  • Check all fixtures and fittings are in good condition and good working order, i.e., hand sanitisers should be installed, toilet roll holders should be secure, etc. 
  • Speak to your waste management team to see if you can increase your waste management arrangements, avoiding waste staying in locations longer than it needs to be. 

Companies must now enhance their cleaning 

What do we mean by enhanced cleaning? 

Taking into account the frequency of your cleans and ultimately looking to increase these during these uncertain times.  Companies now need to go beyond what was once considered the “norm” and base their frequency on risk assessments and outlined government guidance. 

This is vital for portable toilet hire because it has been reported that COVID can survive on hard surfaces present in portable toilets for at least 72 hours. 

This is why we will always use disinfectant cleaning products rather than detergent-based products. It is also recommended that cleaning procedures pay particular attention to high touch point areas such as door handles, the toilet flush, toilet seat, taps, etc. 

Increased checks and monitoring of toilet blocks will become key to managing this situation much more effectively and efficiently.  With cleaning rotas being put on display, checked, and adhered to so everyone has peace of mind that you are a company that has things under control! 

Items to introduce, items to take away 

  • All items that are considered non-essential should be removed, and sinks should be cordoned off so users can socially distance effectively. 
  • Disposable equipment should now be the preferred option.  For example, paper towels should replace fabric towels, and even in some instances, hand dryers. 
  • It would be great to increase hands-free waste facilities and introduce cleaning materials such as anti-bacterial wipes and sprays that visitors can use after use. 
  • The introduction of appropriate signage can help remind people of their duty to socially distance, and making additional facilities available can also help support this mission. 
  • Liquid soap or hand sanitiser should be made available in all site toilets, and if you’re using toilet trailers, you could keep fire door exits and entrance doors open to stop people touching so many doors/handles on their way. 
  • Hand sanitisers should also be placed at these entrances and exits so hands can be cleaned before entering and using the facilities. 
  • One-way systems, where possible, should also be introduced (although we’re away with portable toilets, this isn’t always achievable). 

Importance of portable toilets 

Toilet access is essential for many people, and many businesses and the public need assurance that robust safety measures are in place to help build confidence. 

It’s important in this respect that businesses take all reasonable measures to ensure that guidance is adhered to and that staff and visitors’ safety has been considered. 

We’d advise that you continually review all assessments, risks, and measures and make any changes necessary as you go. 

Toilet trailers are proving to be popular to reduce the risk of transmission and are ideal if you’re looking to create pop up offices or departments where toilet trailers can help accommodate these new socially distanced sites. 

If you’re looking for portable toilet hire, site toilets for hire, or if you would like to find out more information relating to our luxury toilet trailers, call 01482 867 227; we’d be happy to help.

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