Benefits of hiring portable toilets for construction sites

benefits of portable toilets for hire on construction sitesThe vast majority of construction sites will be host to portable toilets. Mainly because, quite often, these sites are new and water pipes and power supplies have not been set up yet. 

Portable toilets for hire are also used considerably due to the many benefits they offer to construction sites as well as to the individuals working on site. 

You’ll find some of the main benefits of portable toilet rentals for construction sites listed in this post. 

Benefits of portable toilets

  1. Keeps workers happy. If there are no portable toilets on-site, it can make it very uncomfortable for workers, especially if they have to rely on public restrooms continually. Workers lose their focus, become distracted along the way, and can often spend more time off-site on the lookout for alternative toilet facilities than what they can on the job. Having the right amenities on-site can avoid these situations in an instant. 
  2. Helps to increase productivity levels. Linked to the above, if workers go off-site to use the bathroom, this is time spent away from doing their actual job. Spending more time travelling to use the toilet (with the possibility of even more distractions), as opposed to working is not a good sign. Providing appropriate and adequate facilities means you can walk right to an on-site portable toilet and be back on the job in minutes! It also shows a sign of respect for your workers. A sign that you care about their welfare needs, which again helps to boost their productivity levels and commitment to you. Happier, more focused, more productive! 
  3. You can ensure proper hygiene and sanitation on site. Having portable toilets on site that are regularly checked, maintained, and cleaned lets you keep hygiene levels high. The servicing of such facilities can be booked in with your hire company and also amended as necessary depending on the situation and requirements. Portable toilets on-site can also stop workers relieving themselves out of sight, but on-site, adding to poor hygiene and sanitation! 
  4. They take up very little space. Portable toilets come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your project and the number of workers you have on-site, you can decide how much space you will allocate to them, and where they will be placed. 
  5. portable toilets can keep you on the right side of the law. It is a legal requirement to provide basic hygiene and toilet facilities to those on construction sites when there are no fixed facilities available. There are also several Health and Safety requirements for site workers which also must be abided by, and these can include providing welfare units and site cabins. 
  6. Provides facilities for your visitors. Having some form of bathroom facility onsite for visitors is essential. No one likes to be caught out, especially a visitor that is told to visit the local petrol station instead! With a range of different types of portable toilets available, you could opt for different portable toilets for workers, with more upmarket portable toilets set aside for visitors. 
  7. Protects client privacy. If you’re working on residential properties, the last thing a customer needs are construction workers knocking to ask to use the bathroom regularly. Providing workers with a portable toilet avoids any unnecessary stress and hassle for clients. 
  8. Portable toilets are convenient. Used night and day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, portable toilets are a convenient choice for construction site workers. This is especially true if you offer shift working and you need these facilities to be accessible at all times. 

Construction toilet rentals benefit everyone, and whether you’re planning a large-scale construction project or a home renovation project, Addplant can help you with all your portable toilet needs. 

With a range of portable toilets for hire, we help to keep staff happy and projects moving. 

Speak to a member of our expert team today and see how we can help you. 

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