Causes of Construction Downtime

construction downtime causeConstruction downtime.  The two words that every project manager dreads. 

Dreads because of the additional expenses this downtime can cause, as well as the potential loss in profits, and delay in project completions. 

To help keep projects moving, this post identifies some of the most common causes of construction downtime and how you can avoid them. 

Construction Downtime – Causes 

Using the wrong machinery

Using the wrong machinery or equipment, or indeed not having enough of the right equipment to get the job done, not only causes poor productivity levels, and wastes a considerable amount of time, it is also dangerous. Dangerous to your project and dangerous to workers operating the machinery in question. 

From an equipment point of view, the longevity of the machinery, as well as its limitations, will also be gravely compromised. 

Creating safe working environments is a legal requirement by Health and Safety, making providing the right tools to do the job essential. 

You need to identify what is required from the start of your project.  Working closely with you plant hire company so any changes and amends can be made as swiftly as possible. 

Machine Failure

Unfortunately, machinery and equipment do suffer from wear and tear, and they can be prone to breaking down, which we understand is not only frustrating but costly too. 

Investing in regular maintenance and service plans can help as well as investing in reliable equipment from a Yorkshire plant hire company you can trust, a company like Addplant. 

Waiting for Attachments

Often it is not until you are mid-way through a project that you might identify new or different attachments that are required for various pieces of equipment/machinery. Unfortunately, these attachments can take time to order and deliver, causing downtime that you weren’t expecting or indeed had planned in. 

Working with high-quality suppliers who are specialists in their field, can help to reduce waiting times in some instances, or alternative solutions can often be provided so projects can still get underway. 

Check all Paperwork

When hiring any machinery, you must check all paperwork and certificates that come with it — ensuring that the equipment you are hiring is serviced and fully compliant with legislation. 

Having these certificates and logbooks in place from the start avoids any stoppages once the project is underway. 

It also offers you peace of mind that the equipment you are using has been well maintained and is up to standard. 


Not something we can control, but bad weather is often a major cause of construction downtime. 

To help, make sure all equipment is stored away properly, and to avoid larger machinery getting stuck on-site, make sure to use appropriate excavator attachments. Using the latest attachments on the market can prevent mud and clay from clogging up machines and sticking, helping to provide continuous smooth digging and trenching on site, no matter what the weather!  (Make sure to ask your plant hire company for further details) 


Accidents can happen, and when they do, they can put a stop to an entire project. 

Ensuring that all of your employees have appropriate training on the use of the equipment and machinery, as well as providing the correct Personal Protective Equipment and safety gear, is vital to keep accident numbers low. 

Poor Planning and Project Management

Construction sites cannot operate effectively without proper planning, effective communication, and teamwork. Everyone should and needs to be aware of the overall plan, their role within this plan and understand it on every level. Only then can a project be effectively implemented. 

Project managers need to regularly check each stage of the project, working with employees to answer questions, making sure the right equipment is in the right place at the right time, and helping provide solutions to any problems if they arise. 

Plant Hire Companies Yorkshire

At Addplant, we have a strong and successful track record working with construction companies on various projects, providing the highest quality equipment, machinery, and attachments. 

We understand the detrimental impact construction downtime can have on any project, that’s why we work with you to provide the right plant hire, at the right time. On-call to help with any servicing and maintenance requirements as well as offer a fast delivery service when you need it. 

To find out how we can keep your project moving, call a member of our team today on 01482 867 227.

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