Choosing the right portable toilet hire option

your portable toilet optionNow we don’t often get too `bogged` down in the detail when it comes to portable toilets; however, hiring the right toilet for your event can make all the difference. 

Having high quality and comfortable facilities helps you to provide your guests with a positive experience as well as ensure a positive talking point! 

When planning your event, it’s vital to consider portable toilets, not as an afterthought, but as a crucial part of the overall planning process. Knowing what options are available, sizes, facility extras, etc. ,so you can make the most informed decision. 

At Addplant, we offer portable toilet hire in Hull, and throughout the rest of Yorkshire. Providing a variety of different portable toilet options, we’re always on call when you need us. 

What to consider when choosing the right portable toilet hire option 

What type of event are you catering to? 

This is a significant factor in your decision-making process, as the type of site toilet you might hire for a construction site will vary slightly to the toilet facilities you might provide for a luxurious outdoor wedding, for example. In these cases, you need to think about the types of people who will primarily use the facilities and what they will be expecting. 

Will you be serving food and beverages? 

Knowing the answer to this question is vital, as it will affect the number of toilet facilities you will require. Additional toilets should be placed close to food and drink stations for convenience if these are available, (which makes layout everything, when organising and planning an event!) 

Do you have any specific requirements? 

For example, do you require a simple portable toilet or additional facilities that include hot water recirculation, urinals, hand washing stations, disabled access, and more?  

Do you require mirrors, luxury toilets, hand washbasins, etc.? 

Addplant can provide you with a variety of options, all depending on your needs, catering portable toilet cabins to suit. 

How long do you need to hire the toilets? 

There’s a big difference in needing your portable toilet for one evening, an entire weekend at a festival, or over 30 days for long term construction projects. 

The longer the requirement, the more you will have to consider the frequency of servicing, waste removal, and maintenance – keeping facilities running efficiently and continuing to maintain high hygiene standards. 

Your Questions Answered 

The team at Addplant are professionals in their field and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to everything portable toilet related. 

Addplant is on hand to answer your questions and avoid any complications or embarrassment when it comes to your event/project. 

Our teams use their experience and expertise to provide you with the best toilet hire solutions in Hull and throughout Yorkshire, ensuring your guests and site workers are comfortable at all times, and you meet all HSE regulations. 

Events requiring portable toilets 

Whether on construction sites or at an outdoor event, as project manager or organiser you don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable and potentially stuck in an embarrassing situation standing with their legs crossed! 

Some of the most common events and locations where you will require portable toilets include: 

  • Construction and building sites 
  • Weddings 
  • Corporate functions 
  • Sporting events 
  • Music festivals 
  • Country fairs 

Even when facilities are available on-site, depending on the number of guests you have, additional facilities may still be required – helping to avoid the problem of queues, especially if facilities are located in different areas. Helping to prevent the build-up and offering your guests facilities that are only a short walk away. 

Toilet Requirements 

When it comes to how many portable toilets you will need to hire, again this does depend on your event/project, however, as an estimation we would recommend: 

One portable toilet will cater for up to 50 guests 

For events lasting longer than 6 hours, we’d recommend: 

One portable toilet per 85 guests (when food or drink is being served) 

One portable toilet per 100 guests (when no food and drink is being served) 

You also need to think about space. How much space do you have on-site? You need to ensure the best possible placement for you and your guests. 

Different Types of Portable Toilets for Hire 

There is a range of different portable cabins to choose from, including: 

  • Standard portable toilet
  • Hot wash toilets 
  • Event trailers 
  • Luxury toilet trailers 
  • 6-10 bay toilet trailers 
  • Accessible toilets 
  • Baby change facilities 
  • Urinals 

When working with a portable toilet supplier, make sure the toilets you require are accessible and check out what facilities are supplied with the units i.e., toilet paper, hand towels, soap, hot and cold water, internal fittings, etc. 

Safety First

For all portable toilets offer you flexibility, the safety of your guests also has to be considered, and as such, when hiring portable toilets and site cabins, you will need to consider things such as: 

  • Ground surface – which must be flat and firm 
  • Guests should be able to access the loos easily 
  • A delivery route needs to be organised and planned for our teams to set up your facilities effectively and efficiently. 

Ultimately site toilets can offer you the most flexibility and cost-effective solutions for any outdoor event. These portable facilities are also durable, robust and can cope well in low winter temperatures.    

What’s more standard portable toilets can also be used inside marquees too if required. 

Addplant is available to talk through your requirements, call us today on 01482 867 227.

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