Differences in Plant Hire Companies

Differences in Plant Hire companiesNot all hire companies are the same.  Bold statement when you think that most plant hire companies will offer the majority of the same plant equipment and tools, however there are differences between the companies themselves. 

At Addplant we like to always think of ourselves as different.  

Yes, we may have the same tools for hire but how we provide them and the service that accompanies this is what really makes us stand out. 

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the main differences in hire companies and things to consider. 

What to look for in plant hire companies 

Selby plant hire vs. national 

OK, so yes, we’ve narrowed this down quite a bit but with good reason.  There are vast differences between national and local hire companies. Logistics being the main one, as well as having the ability to meet customer’s needs locally. 

With national companies, the focus can often be on moving assets around rather than focusing on and understanding local needs.  Understanding what is going on at a local level, anticipating what is needed and when and being aware of what developments are happening, timings, schedules and more, are all something a local company can offer. 

Logistically national companies can also struggle to deliver at short notice depending on what is needed.  Using a local company helps alleviate this issue, getting equipment to your site asap, as well as being locally available, if for whatever reason equipment isn’t right, it can be sorted and changed quickly and effectively. 

We understand how vital sticking to times and schedules are; time is money of course!  That’s why at Addplant we work with you and the schedules you have to make sure you have the right plant equipment and tool hire when you need. 

With Addplant there is no waiting around for equipment and no remote repair or distribution centres. 

We like to think that our plant hire York is a part of the local community.  

This is what makes us different.  We work the opposite way around to national companies.   

We’re a local company who operate nationally, whereas national companies can’t operate locally, or can’t operate on a local basis to such a high standard. 


If, and when, plant equipment and tools need to be repaired, national companies will often struggle to be able to provide a quick turnaround compared to that of local companies. 

Local people working on the maintenance of equipment means that you can have complete peace of mind that the tools and plant hire is serviced by the same team, the team who know this piece of equipment inside and out. 

With national companies, this isn’t always the case.  Sent off to different distribution centres, the same person can’t be guaranteed to always work on the same piece of equipment so the TLC we can provide can sometimes get lost along the way.  

Well maintained equipment is serviced to last.  The equipment has to be on top of its game at all times, and at Addplant we make sure that all plant equipment is maintained and repaired regularly. 

Is the hire company supplying new or used equipment? 

This is an interesting difference between hire companies and one which is unique to every customer’s requirements and preference. 

It’s important to be aware when looking at plant hire companies that not everyone buys new equipment.  Some hire companies only offer used and second-hand equipment, while others, like Addplant, provide a range of both new and used. 

Why is this important? 

Because you need to have confidence in the equipment you’re hiring and that your team will be using.  You need to know that the company maintain equipment as well as re-invest money back into plant hire, offering customers the latest models, with the most recent innovations, safety features, and advanced technology. 

Differences in hire companies…. 

The difference in working with a company like Addplant 

At Addplant we provide a level of customer service that is second to none, along with tool hire and plant equipment hired at the most competitive prices. 

We’re a local plant hiring company in Selby, employing local people, and proud to be operating nationally. 

We source all of our hire equipment from market leading manufacturers and suppliers with whom we have built solid relationships with over the years; because of this, we can offer the latest models and the right pieces of equipment to you to help get the job done. 

Contact us today on 01482 867 227 to see how we can make the difference to your project. 

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