How Many Toilets Do You Need for an Event

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Number of Event Toilets Required

When you’re planning an outdoor event, one of the many questions that may cross your mind is how many event toilets do I need? 

Nothing can be more embarrassing than seeing several of your guests jostling behind each other, waiting to use the handful of toilets that are available. To avoid such a situation, you need to have enough toilets for your event, but how do you determine the right number of event toilets?

Events Requirement 

The right number of event toilets has little to with the size of the event, but more to do with your specific needs. There are several factors to consider when determining the number of toilets to hire for your event: 

1. Presence of permanently built toilets 

Before you hire portable event toilets, you should consider any permanently-built washrooms that are available on the venue, and the number of people they can accommodate.  

2. The size of the venue 

You may need a large number of event toilets, but the space available is limited. In that case, you can consider reducing the number of toilets and increasing the frequency of cleaning the toilets while the event is underway.  For example, you can have the toilets cleaned two times during the event and reduced the number required by 50 percent.  

3. Type of event 

There are different event toilet requirements for various types of events, as outlined below: 

  • Less than 6-hour events with no food and drinks – If you are hosting an event where you won’t be serving any food or alcohol, one toilet for every 100 ladies and another for every 500 men will suffice. Also, consider hiring a urinal unit for every 150 male guests.  
  • Over 6-hour events with no food and drinks – If you are planning an event that will go for more than half a day, but you won’t provide any food or alcohol, every 85 ladies can use one toilet comfortably. Likewise, one toilet would be enough for 425 men.  
  • Over 6hour events with food and drinks  If you are planning an event that will go for over 6 hours, and food and beverages will be served, you will need more toilets compared to the events where food and drinks are not provided. You should hire one event toilet for every 75 ladies and another for every 400 male guests. Don’t forget to provide a urinal unit for every 100 men.  


Get help from Addplant

If you don’t find the above guidelines helpful in determining the right number of toilets for your event, you can contact Addplant Ltd. Addplant has a team of experienced staff who can assess your needs and advise you on the number of toilets that will serve your guests effectively.  

Once you’ve answered the burning question – how many event toilets do I need? – you can look at the wide selection of event toilets that Addplant has to offer and choose the ones that suit your needs the best.  

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