Everything you need to know about portable toilet hire York

Everything you need to know about portable toilet hire YorkThe hire of portable toilets has continued to grow over the years as the number of health and safety guidelines placed on construction sites has increased, and construction sites themselves have certainly grown in size and volume. 

This makes having the right portable toilet hire for your construction site, vital. 

Vital for you and vital for your employees. 

In this post, we look at the features you should look for when it comes to toilet hire in York as well as options if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious. 

Keeping to the right side of the law 

Ensuring you have the right toilet and washroom facilities available for your teams on site is not only a nice to have; it’s a must-have! 

Construction sites are not able to operate and function without providing adequate facilities that are maintained regularly and suitable for the number of employees you have on-site. 

This is employers and project managers’ legal obligations. 

This is where portable toilet blocks come in. 

Providing you with a fast and effective solution, all matched with exceptional value for money, portable toilet units provide the perfect answer. 

The good news is portable units come in a range of sizes, and you have the option when it comes to the number of toilet blocks you place on site. 

For example, some standard size toilet units for hire include: 

2 + 1 unit – 2 male cubicles, two urinals, and one female unit 

3 + 1 unit – 3 male cubicles, 3 urinals, and 1 female unit 

When on-site for the first time, it’s important to check what is currently within the space you will be occupying i.e., sewage, power supply, etc. – as again this will affect the toilet units you look to hire. 

Most toilet units can be fitted with waste tanks for those sites which start with no sewage mains, and these will have to be factored into budgets as regular servicing and maintenance will also come into play. 

Hot wash toilets are also available, allowing you to offer employees hot washing facilities AND keeping you compliant with the Health and Safety Executive. 

Hired units come ready for immediate use, so nothing should hold you or your project up. 

Moving away from the construction 

It’s not just construction sites where we have seen a rise in the hire of portable toilets. 

With more and more outdoor events taking place, portable toilet units for hire are growing in popularity.  That’s why you will now find a range of designs and styles available when it comes to portable toilets! 

Portable toilets such as: 

  • Luxury toilet trailers (most popular) 
  • Six and ten bay trailers 
  • Classic 2 + 1 units 
  • Event toilets 
  • Petite units 1 + 1 (ideal when space is an issue) 
  • Accessible toilets (an HSE requirement) 
  • Urinals (can dramatically help to reduce queues) 

Due to the variety available, event managers and project managers can now pick and mix when it comes to the most suitable units.  Creating a combination to meet your specific requirements and budgets too.

Find out more here!

How to choose the right units for you 

  1. Know how many people you have on-site or attending your event.  What space do you have available, and what access do you currently have?  Do you require power, waste management, etc.? Knowing your full requirements from the start helps you and the contractor provide the most suitable solution.
  2. When do you need your units by?  Start of the project? Just before everyone arrives.  When do you have access to the location from? Is there access for delivery, drop off and pick up?  Booking in your time slot as early as possible is essential to guarantee everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  3. Make sure everything is installed and set up correctly, making sure your installation team takes you through the installation, and you have the time to check that everything is in good working order before they leave!
  4. Ensure all units are stocked with what you need i.e., toilet roll, paper towels, hand sanitisers, etc. 
  5. When do you need your units picked up?  How long is your hire required? And when can the team return to the site to remove the units?  You need to pick a time that is convenient for both you and your chosen provider.


If you’re looking for toilet hire services in York, look no further than the team at Addplant.  We can offer you a range of portable toilet hire services and solutions, all at the most cost-effective prices and all matched with our exceptional customer service. 

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