Current guidance on portable toilets in public parks and outside venues

Current guidance on portable toilets in public parks and outside venuesPeople are making much more use of their public parks and the beautiful countryside than ever before – an excellent stimulant for physical activity and supporting people’s health and well-being. 

However, what puts many people off planning a trip to their local park or taking a stroll through open spaces is the local toilet provision and the confidence that such provision is clean and safe to use.  This is especially the case when visiting such places with small children. 

The good news is everyone is now playing their part in implementing reasonable adjustments and additional cleaning measures to meet everyone’s needs and safety requirements. 

Helping to reduce the spread of COVID 19 

When it comes to using portable toilets for outside facilities such as parks, trails, and countryside walks, you must carry out risk assessments to identify the level of risk associated with first opening up these spaces again. 

Secondly, the risk assessment must consider one, the risk of not providing adequate toilet facilities, and two, how these facilities will be managed under new guidance and cleaning regimes. 

Social distancing measures must also be put in place, especially in areas such as toilet blocks and facilities.  Helping to remind people to socially distance and allow people to socially distance, (this is where toilets for hire can become very fruitful as they can be placed socially distanced from each other, helping with your overall aim). 

If park staff are required to clean, disinfect, and regularly maintain such facilities, they must have the right PPE.  You will also need to consider the frequency of cleaning all touchpoints and shared objects (the team at Addplant can work with you regarding cleaning and waste management, with all of our team being trained and PPE ready to tackle all jobs). 

Clear communication is key 

Parks and outdoor areas should consider displaying posters and signs in popular areas reminding visitors of their responsibility to prevent Coronavirus’s spread. 

These signs can include messages such as: 

  • A reminder to remain at home if you are displaying any symptoms 
  • A reminder about social distancing and the 2m rule 
  • To cover coughs and sneezes when in public places (you can’t beat the “catch it, kill it, bin it” slogan) 
  • The importance of handwashing 
  • Avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands 
  • To wear masks where appropriate and where social distancing cannot be adhered to 
  • To keep dogs on leads where appropriate and unless stated otherwise. 

Use of portable toilets 

To ensure you can provide everything to your visitors, build their confidence in their use of your public facilities, and help them play their part in reducing the spread, your toilet facilities must be well maintained, cleaned, disinfected, well-stocked, functional, and provide an ample supply of hand washing equipment. 

All popular surfaces should be wiped down and cleaned regularly throughout the day.  Areas such as door handles, light switches, toilets, faucets, and more.  Cleaning all of these areas must be carried out more frequently than normal and follow all cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. 

Toilets should be well-stocked with all supplies—especially those relating to handwashing.  Soap, anti-bacterial gel, hand sanitiser, paper towels, etc.  It is also ideal if you can provide no-touch trash cans to dispose of all waste. 

Employees and cleaning operatives should wear appropriate PPE and use the most appropriate chemicals to help with disinfecting – always following the directions on the label and storing cleaning products appropriately and out of children’s reach. 

You also need a professional team like Addplant.  Helping to provide you with confidence and reassurance that you provide safe, clean facilities to your visitors. 

Our team is qualified, trained, and experts in our field. 

We’re also proud to have a great and varied selection of portable toilets available, and depending on your requirements and timescales, we can be loaded up, ready, and with you in no time. 

Due to current guidelines advising that we should block off toilet cubicles next to each other, it may be necessary to hire more toilet facilities to help manage toilet-to-person ratios while remaining socially distant. 

Again, Addplant is always on hand to help, and as you continually monitor the situation, we can work with you providing you with some of the best and most cost-effective solutions around. 

Call 01482 867 227 today. 

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