Major Tips for Hiring Plant Equipment

Hiring a plant equipment tipsMost construction work requires the use of some plant equipment. With the abundance of suppliers, you don’t need to buy anything; you can just as well rent it. However, once you start browsing equipment rental suppliers and comparing options, you’ll easily get lost if you don’t know what important things to look out for. There are several things to consider in order to assure the best possible quality of the final product. Here are a few plant equipment hire tips for your consideration. 

Check the availability

Before you make any further plans, check with the equipment rental company if they have the required plant equipment available. If you plan on using the equipment during the busy season, it’s best to check well in advance their delivery times. We at Addplant aim to provide our customers with the best of our plant equipment and are happy to help with planning and timing. 

Check if it fits

Make sure to consult your supplier before the plant hire to find out what pieces of machinery you need. Making assumptions by yourself might lead to disappointment and delay in your planned work, so it’s best to double check whether it fits before renting construction plant equipment. 

Make sure it’s safe

One of the advantages of equipment rental is that you get a variety to choose from. The primary factor should be the safety of the equipment. Ask your supplier any questions you may have – for example, what is the quality of the equipment? Is the machinery new? At Addplant, we have high-quality machinery including excavators, teleporters, dumpers, rollers, and more. If you have any special plant hire requirements, we’ll be happy to provide them as well. 

Service support availability

Speaking of quality assurance, ask about the availability of the supplier’s service support. If anything goes wrong, they should be able to come to the site and fix it. Make sure you’re not left on your own to deal with issues, even if it increases the price of the equipment hire. It’s better to pay more than to end up with unreliable service. High-quality service and reliability don’t always have to cost you extra – at Addplant, we are dedicated to serving our customers at quite reasonable prices. 

All-around service

When you have several phases of a construction project, it can be tiring and time-consuming to source the needed equipment from different suppliers. It’s best to hire a plant equipment rental which can provide all the machinery you need. It will save you a lot of time, headache, and multiple phone calls. We’ve got equipment to cover even the construction sites with no services. 

Avoid sharing

One of the best plant equipment hire tips is: don’t share any equipment – even though it might be tempting to split the costs. It can cause trouble if something goes wrong with the equipment. Many companies forbid sharing for this reason. Instead, take a close look at the estimated costs and see how you can save elsewhere. 

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