How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need for Your Event?

Portable Toilet outsidePortable toilet hires give the flexibility to hold events anywhere we want to without worrying about guests having a place to use the bathroom. Our portable toilet hire services include the delivery and collection of your portable toilet units and thorough cleaning service.

Do you have an event coming up and require our event toilet hire service? Let’s find out how many you should rent, and why.

Get a Headcount

As most events are by invitation or by ticket sales, there should be at least a rough estimate of how many guests will be in attendance at this upcoming event.
Getting a headcount of guests will help you to know how many toilets you will have to hire. Have your guest tally ready when you make your order, and the portable toilet hire will help you calculate how many portable toilets you will need.

Length of the Event & Weather Forecast

How long will your event go on? If your event is quite short (only an hour or so), there really is no need to provide an entire fleet of portable toilet units for your guests. However, for events that last several hours or days, you will need to provide extra toilets. And, for every four hours, you should have two portable toilets for every 100 guests. In the case of an event that is four hours long and has 300 guests, you should rent a minimum of six portable toilets.

Will it be warm or hot on the day of your event? 

Increased temperatures mean that guests will consume more liquid to stay hydrated and use the bathroom more frequently.

Go Above and Beyond

A word to the wise is to estimate your guest headcount, figure out how many portable toilet units you will need to service that many guests, and order extra. The more toilets you have at your event means, the less likely your guests will have to wait in line to use one. And, the more time they spend in line waiting for the bathroom, the less time they will have to enjoy your event.

Consider Your Menu & Bar

This section should not need much explaining at all.  Does your event include a meal or a bar? Food and alcohol consumption will, of course, require plenty of bathroom access for your guests. If you serve alcohol, it is recommended to order approximately 20 percent more toilets than you would if you were not serving alcohol. This same concept applies if the guests bring their own.

It will take careful planning to position the portable toilets close enough to the bar that the guests and staff can easily use, but also not too close that any type of odour will be offensive. Though the portable toilets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between rentals, once used some guests may find the smell an appetite killer and therefore will not enjoy their meal. Give them less to complain about by putting the toilets downwind, ensuring that you have enough of them, so no one has to wait in line very long to use them.

How Big is the Event Grounds?

For an intimate gathering or small venue, you can get away with having portable toilet units in one area. If you are throwing a larger party or the event’s grounds are spread out, you might want to consider having portable toilets at more than one location. Making guests walk clear across the entire venue grounds to use the toilet can be avoided just by having the portable toilet hire drop off toilets at opposite ends of the event.

Choose Your Toilet Style

You may not realise it, but there are several different styles of portable toilets that you can choose from. Your portable toilet hire does not have to be so standard unless you want the basic version. The standard portable toilet is only large enough for one person. The handicap-accessible portable toilet is large enough for a wheelchair or for an adult and a child. Did you know that there are luxury portable toilets that you can rent for your event? Step up your game plan and treat your guests to a bit of luxury.

Luxury Portable Toilets

What type of event is the luxury portable toilet suitable for? The luxury toilet hire options will give your event the portable toilet convenience but without the portable toilet feeling. Perfect for weddings and a wide variety of other events, luxury toilet hire can come with baby changing stations and even hot showers!

Why An Individual Portable Toilet More Inclusive

You want everyone to feel welcome at your party, right? Well, when it comes to the restroom situation, allowing everyone to feel comfortable using the bathroom will be very important, and not everyone puts thought into that aspect of it when renting portable toilets. All-access portable toilets are easily handled without any confrontation by renting single-stall toilets rather than (or in addition to) luxury toilets typically designated to either men or women. If you want to be sympathetic to your guests on all sides of the gender spectrum concerning the lavatory, then you can put some thought into how you will handle the topic.

Handicap Accessible Toilet

Handicap-accessible portable toilets are essential for those that use wheelchairs. They are also necessary for others, such as those who need more space than a standard portable toilet has. Another person that might use a handicap accessible portable toilet is someone with a small child because it is nearly impossible for a parent to help their child in a standard portable toilet. An elderly person or someone who needs to use a handrail to get on or off the toilet would benefit greatly from having access to a handicapped toilet at your event. After all, it is the little things in life that mean the most.

On the Topic of Sanitation

Will your guests have somewhere that they can wash their hands at your event? Washing your hands is important, especially after using the restroom. You’ve probably wondered portable toilet hire units are. Well, there is no need to worry about that because every portable toilet hire is fully emptied and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in-between rentals. So, no matter who previously rented this unit, our event toilet hire company will ensure that when you receive the delivery at your event, it will be in great condition and clean for your guests. You can also clean in-between days of the event.

A Positive Portable Toilet Experience

From weddings to festivals and everything in between, hiring portable toilets will be required for your guests. Check out our website for more details, and reach out to us at AddPlant Limited to talk about your needs for your next event.



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