The importance of good site accommodation

The importance of good site accommodationSite accommodation is essential for meeting those all-important health and safety regulations and guidelines on construction and building sites. However, these portable cabins also provide essential space for employers, employees, and visitors. 

Site accommodation Hull comes in all forms and can be used for a variety of different reasons and situations. These, of course, will all depend on your requirements, the length of the project, and site space. 

In this post, we look at what site accommodation can comprise of and the benefits to project managers and construction sites in hiring such units. 

How site accommodation can be used

Site facilities for hire can be used to meet a variety of requirements, creating areas such as:  

  • Washroom facilities 
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Breakrooms 
  • Drying rooms 
  • Storage units 
  • Site offices 
  • And more!  

Ultimately storage containers in this capacity can be transformed to provide site workers with as much or as little as you require.  

The Importance of Site Accommodation

When working on-site, project managers are bound to several health and safety regulations and guidelines which must be followed at all times.  

Some health and safety regulations include providing adequate facilities for employees to rest, prepare food, use washroom and drying facilities, etc.  

Hiring site accommodation and including the additions can help to meet these requirements and tick those all-important HSE boxes.  

Site accommodation can also provide refuge on construction sites, which start as vast amounts of wasteland, with many sites starting with no running water or electricity.  

Portable cabins, in this sense, soon become vital as generators and water tanks are used, and then serviced and maintained regularly.  

Ultimately, you need to develop and offer a suitable and safe working environment. A working environment that meets all HSE regulations and is also suitable and adequate to meet your needs and requirements too.  

Every construction site is different, and every element of a portable cabin construction and design should be unique to the construction company in question.  

Portable Cabin Hire – The Benefits

Portable cabins are great!  

And no, we’re not just saying this because we have a wide selection of construction site facilities.   

It’s because it’s true.  

Portable cabins are flexible.  You can have as little or as many portable cabins as you need. These flexible structures allow you to design and develop complete sites, working offices, breakrooms, washrooms, and more—designing them for the size of your workforce and the volume of people you have on-site at any given time.  

Site accommodation, in this sense, can be added to as the site continues to grow or minimised as the site nears completion.  

These units also work well in limited as well as expanse space, as units can be stacked as double units, and even in some situations, triple stacks with stairs linking all levels.  

This means no longer do you have to compromise on the facilities you want to offer as well as the facilities you feel you need.  

Ultimately portable cabins can be built to any specification and requirement. It’s about working with a professional organisation who can not only provide the right solutions for you; they can also help to design the structures required.  

Structures that include:  

  • Washroom facilities 
  • Canteen/break rooms 
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Administration and management offices 
  • Changing/drying rooms 
  • Storage areas, and 
  • Combination units.  

The most significant benefit these portable cabins can offer is that they are semi-permanent structures, so you only need to hire them for the length of your project.

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What to look for in a good portable cabin

Portable cabins that are fit for purpose should be bright, modern, anti-vandal, and secure.  

You should also make sure to understand what furnishings will be included with your site accommodation.  

Furnishings can include:  

  • Chairs 
  • Desks 
  • Tables 
  • Filing cabinets, etc  

All portable cabins should have internal locks fitted, including lockboxes and you can also request additional padlocks to increase the level of security on-site, keeping personal possessions and equipment safe at all times.  

A flexible company, just for you

If you’re looking for high-quality site facilities for hire in Hull, matched with exceptional customer service, speak to a member of the Addplant team today.  

On hand to answer your questions, we’re confident with our wide variety of site accommodation we have a portable cabin solution just for you!  

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