Keeping Portable Toilets Clean with Chemical Toilet Fluid

Keeping Portable Toilets Clean with Chemical Toilet FluidWhen it comes to portable toilet hire, one of the biggest concerns for users is keeping the site toilets clean and tidy. If you are renting toilets for multiple days or weeks for your workplace or event, the last thing you want is for them to become unusable and have a foul odour after a few days. That’s where chemical toilet fluid comes in handy. You’ve probably noticed the blue chemical fluid in portable toilets, and you can find out more here about toilet hire and what’s included in your rental. Today we are going to look at the ways chemical toilet fluid works to keep your toilets clean and some other important maintenance and hygiene tips for site toilets.

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Chemical Toilet Fluid – How It Works 

The blue chemical liquid in portable toilets has a few different functions, all of which work to keep your toilets looking cleaner and smelling fresher. The blue dye used in this product won’t stain, but the colour is used to hide any waste in the toilet bowl. Portable toilets don’t flush like regular toilets, and so not all the waste is removed after each use. Blue is a colour that’s commonly associated with cleanliness and hygiene products, and this non-staining product is ideal for regular use when hiring site toilets for an extended period of time.

While you won’t always associate portable toilets with a pleasant scent, in fact, many of these chemical toilet fluids offer a scent that helps to disguise any foul odours and provide a more pleasant environment for your users. The scent masks any smells in the unit without overpowering the user upon entering. There are multiple options available nowadays for chemical toilet fluid scents, so you’ll find fruity, floral or citrusy scents.

Detergent is another key addition to chemical toilet fluid and reduces the chance of the waste all sticking together. This would make chemical toilet disposal incredibly challenging, but the detergent helps to mitigate this concern. These detergents also work to dissolve the bad odours, which helps to neutralise the scent of the portable toilets. Working alongside the biocides in the portable toilet chemical fluid, they’ll provide a pleasant experience and clean toilets for days or weeks to come. Biocides minimise the chance of bacteria growing, avoiding an increase in bacteria or unpleasant smells.

When to Empty and Clean Site Toilets 

You may be unsure about emptying or cleaning your toilet hire units, especially if you are renting these facilities for an extended period of time at a work site or longer event. You may be able to arrange assistance for your site toilets, so you don’t have to handle a thing, but it’s important to know when this may be needed. If you plan to stop using the toilets for an extended time, whether that’s a few days or weeks, they should be emptied and cleaned beforehand to avoid coming back to an unpleasant and unusable set of toilets. If you see the tank is getting full, it’s also clearly time to empty the toilets. 

Upon the setup of your portable site toilets, ensure you ask about the disposal procedures. If you do find yourself having to empty them, ensure you know where the nearest dumping station is to empty your portable toilets’ waste reservoir. After unloading, it’s also critical to clean the toilet thoroughly, which can be done with a hose. Once emptied, ensure your blue chemical toilet fluid is refilled, and you’ll be ready to go again. As far as regular cleaning, treat your site toilets as you would a standard set of toilets at your workplace or event site. If you have cleaners on rotation to check other permanent toilets, add the site toilets to their list.

Spraying down the toilet seats and surfaces and mopping the floor are essential tasks to avoid the toilets becoming unusable. If you’ve been to a festival or outdoor event before, you’ll know how dirty and wet everything can get. Try to avoid a build-up of issues and look after your site toilets so you can return them in the condition they were found. If you do find you are experiencing any issues, ensure you contact your rental company immediately to get them resolved.

By choosing your next site toilets or portable toilet hire from Addplant Limited, you can be sure you’ll offer a clean and hygienic experience to your users. You’ll find a variety of products to choose from to fit any requirements, all of which are easy to maintain and use no matter how long you rent them. Whether you are hosting a big event and need additional facilities, or you have a building site without any working bathroomsAddplant Limited can cater to your needs.

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