Keeping your portable toilet smelling fresh – even in extreme heat

proper hygiene for portable toilet to reduce odourSummer months are a great time for everyone. It’s also the most popular time for organising any outdoor events or parties. 

Of course, at such events, it is also not uncommon to find portable toilets for hire or indeed site toilets and facilities on construction sites which operate all year round. 

However, in the summer months these confined spaces do heat up and, in such cases, sometimes smells can be intensified. 

Now, before we put you off considering portable toilet hire for life, fear not! In this post, we examine heat vs. portable toilets, as well as some, do’s and don’ts when it comes to portable toilet hygiene. 


When in enclosed spaces, like portable toilets or building site toilets, with warmth and humidity thrown in for good measure, unfortunately, smells can occur and intensify with the heat. 

However, it’s not just portable toilets where this can occur and where bacteria can multiply when exposed to extreme heat. 

All enclosed spaces, where the summer sun can intensify its surroundings, will be affected. 

Unfortunately, some of the most common bacterial infections found to be on the rise during the summer months, include: 

  • Norovirus 
  • Salmonella 
  • Shigellosis 
  • Hepatitis A 
  • Influenza 

Of course, not all of these are contracted through using a portable toilet, and indeed in some instances, these are airborne virus’ which are intensified by the warmer weather.

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Taking full precautions 

To help tackle some of the bacteria’s now found in confined spaces, tackling portable toilet cleanliness and odours is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. 

Below are some of our recommended do’s and don’ts when it comes to using site toilets. 

  • Make sure that you and anyone you may be with, wash their hands properly using the facilities available (using hand sanitiser should also be standard practise too). 
  • Don’t place your handbag on the floor in either a public or a portable toilet. The bottom of your bag will only become a new place for bacteria to dwell. 
  • Make sure to wipe your feet on mats provided when entering or leaving the toilet facilities. 
  • Make sure you and your hire company use superior odour control products throughout the summer months. 
  • Add in additional servicing and maintenance from your hire company during the summer months to stop waste tanks from overheating. 

At Addplant, all of our portable toilets for hire and building site toilets are cleaned and maintained to a high standard. Coming to you fully serviced and stocked, we can also provide regular servicing to help combat the likelihood of bad odours from getting out of control. 

In particular, we: 

  • Disinfect the inside of all of our portable toilets upon return. 
  • Allow time for the portable toilets and cabins to air out (leaving the door open for even half an hour can make a world of difference on a hot day) 
  • Only use the best and most suitable products on the market – controlling odours while being kind to the environment 
  • Can sometimes add additional fragrance dispensers into toilet blocks and especially into our luxury toilet trailers 
  • Keep the exteriors of our portable toilets in perfect condition – using anti-graffiti cleaner 
  • Make sure to stay on top of all major touchpoints, wiping these down and cleaning them thoroughly. 

Portable toilets for hire have increased in popularity over the years, moving away from simply finding them on construction sites for workers to use. Luxury trailers and easy to install portable toilets are now located at most outdoor events and venues, providing you with everything you need and offering your guests nothing but comfort. 

Extra precautions should be taken during the summer months, and by making sure we all follow the dos and don’ts of portable toilets and public toilets, bacteria can, and will, stay at bay. 

Using a professional toilet company such as Addplant also helps to put your mind at ease. 

Working with and using a trusted firm with years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction every time. 

To find out how Addplant can help you and your event or next project, call us on 01482 867 227, our team will be happy to help.



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