Know your Legal Toilet Requirements

Legal requirement for toilet facilitiesDo you know how many toilets your workplace should have as a legal minimum? 

Do you know what other factors also need to be considered and included within washroom facilities? 

Are you aware of other aspects that also need to be considered when working on sites? 

These questions aren’t set out to trick anyone, but rather highlight an area that can often be forgotten until it’s too late. 

According to the Workplace Health, Safety, and Welfare Regulations 1992, the rules clearly state that workplaces need to provide sufficient, suitable, and sanitary facilities that are accessible to all. 

Where suitability, in this sense, is defined as the provision of toilet facilities which are adequately lit and ventilated, kept clean, and in an orderly manner, with facilities also being identified for both men and women. 

The legal requirement for toilet facilities 

The number of toilets and washbasins required for women or mixed-use: 

People  Toilets RequiredWashbasins Required

Facilities for men: 

People                  Toilets Required         Urinals 

People  Toilets RequiredWashbasins Required

Washroom Facilities 

As well as toilets as you can see from the tables above, employers must also provide a minimum number of washbasins too. Again, this is dependent on the number of employees you have, as well as taking into consideration how many visitors you regularly have. 

As we’ve mentioned previously, is well ventilated and lit is just two of the main requirements laid out within the regulations. Other factors include providing soap, hot and cold running water, and hand drying facilities (whether this is paper towels or hand dryers). 

Taking into consideration your male to female ratio, employers also need to consider those employees who work remotely, at temporary sites, or areas where there is no water supply.  What protocols do you have in place to deal with this? Are your policies clear? Do they meet all legal requirements? 

You also need to consider the provision of changing facilities, where depending on the industry and workplace, employers may need to provide adequate changing and storage facilities. 

In these instances, a sufficient number of separate, private changing rooms should be made available, with additional space to dry out wet and dirty clothes. 

Note: If workers are dealing with hazardous materials, shower facilities should also be included. 

Restrooms or break rooms should be provided if practical, providing a place for employees to rest and enjoy their break. (Employers are also accountable for providing a kettle for hot drinks, and facilities to heat food i.e., microwaves). 

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Fully Accessible Facilities 

Types of facilities that need to be considered can include ramps, audiovisual alarm systems for workplaces, accessible toilet facilities, and adjusted workstations. 

Portable Toilet Hire 

At Addplant, we supply and install portable toilets to help meet all legal requirements as well as meet the demand of your ever-growing workforce. 

Available as standalone portable toilets, deluxe toilet trailers, or site cabins, we can also provide a range of cabins suitable for breakrooms, storage and changing facilities. 

The cost of site toilet hire is now much more competitive and cost-effective in the long run, especially when you consider the consequences of your site not complying with legislation. 

We also provide disabled portable toilet hire again, meeting all requirements and providing a service and a product that is to a high standard. 

All of our portable toilets are serviced and maintained to high quality, and we work with you to offer a flexible maintenance contract that suits you and your workforce. 

The Health and Safety at Work Act outlines the legal responsibilities employers have towards their employees; the Welfare legislation is the document that details employer obligations much further. 

Ultimately you want to know that you’ve met all legal obligations while also creating a comfortable environment for staff and visitors. 

Helping to keep staff motivated, boost morale, and make everyone in the workplace feel valued, with their needs (and wants) being fully taken care of. 

If you’re looking at toilet hire in Hull and throughout Yorkshire, from a team, you can trust, look no further than Addplant. 

Call us on 01482 867 227 and hire your toilet facilities from the professionals. 

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