What is a Mobile Welfare Unit?

Nov 28, 2018

Mobile Welfare UnitsBy investing welfare units for your project site, you are not only complying with a legal requirement but are also ensuring that your workers are comfortable and happy. This is a great productivity booster. 

If you want more convenience and flexibility, you should consider choosing a mobile welfare unit.  

Mobile Welfare Unit

A mobile welfare units are designed to ensure that you can easily move them from one position to another at any time. They’re normally mounted on wheeled trailers so you can merely tow them behind your car. They are also very easy to install. You can do it by yourself in less than 5 minutes.  

These welfare units feature an integral power generator, a bathroom facility, drying room, wash station, a seating area, and kitchenette with necessary cooking equipment.  There’s also hot and cold water. This means all the welfare needs of your workers are taken care of in a single, compact package. 

Usage of Mobile Welfare Units 

Mobile welfare cabins are self-contained and portable. This makes them perfect for the following sites: 

1. Construction sites 

In construction sites, welfare facilities are usually off-site, which can be inconveniencing to workers. Therefore, it’s important that they have their own facilities, so they don’t have to leave the site to find a sanitary facility or to get food from an eatery nearby.  

 A mobile welfare unit would be perfect in this situation, and they are available in different sizes to cater to varying numbers of people.  

 2. Outdoor laboratories 

If you have a factory that requires the use of an outdoor laboratory, such as a fruit-processing factory, you would want to invest in a mobile welfare unit. These units have enough space for carrying your laboratory equipment and materials.  

This means that you don’t have to use mobile welfare cabins only for welfare facilities—you can also use them for specialised purposes.  

3. Archaeological sites 

Archaeological jobs are normally done outdoors and away from urban environments. To ensure a successful archaeological mission, you should provide your staff with mobile welfare units throughout the course of the project.   

Archaeologists also need to cool off after spending long periods in the sun digging for historical artefacts. Welfare units can provide a much-needed cool environment for rest. They can also provide facilities to prepare food or beverages when they feel hungry.  

Mobile Welfare Unit for Hire 

When it comes to hiring a mobile welfare unit, you should go for something that is comfortable and meets HSE site welfare requirements. The unit should also be easy to tow, easy to install and be reasonably priced. You want to save time and money when hiring welfare units.  

Addpant Ltd is a premier provider of mobile welfare units with a wide selection of units to suit different types of workplaces and sites. Their units are HSE-compliant and are competitively priced. If you would like more information on these units or any other Addplant products and services click here.

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