Reasons plant equipment maintenance matters

Plant and equipment for maintenanceOne of the most significant costs to site and construction projects is the cost of plant equipment.  Not only that but it is estimated that maintenance for plant equipment can contribute up to a staggering 40% of your total project overrun costs. 

When problems occur with machinery and equipment on site, it can have a negative impact across the entire project.  Holding up work, stalling workers, and ultimately making you miss completion deadlines.  

All problems that can cost you and affect your bottom line. 

However, the good news is that most problems are easily fixed and to avoid bigger problems and further implications, scheduling regular maintenance of your plant hire is a must, and the benefits to your business in doing so are great. 

Importance of plant equipment maintenance 

It can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.  Yes, it can be frustrating when equipment has to go in for regular check-ups and maintenance, especially when it comes back with a clean bill of health, yet you’re still out of pocket!  But, in doing these regular checks, you can have peace of mind that when on site and working, this piece of equipment is going to perform exactly how it should. Causing no delays and no big bills, as you would otherwise receive if you needed an emergency breakdown repair service! 

Regular maintenance keeps everything and everyone, safe.  Without proper checks, you run the risk of machine parts breaking and potentially falling off or snapping mid-work, the piece of equipment could lose grip of heavy objects or lose control entirely depending on what is being handled and moved, for example. 

Carrying out regular services on big pieces of machinery and site plant services means that you’re ensuring that everything is doing what it should be and working perfectly without any issues.  So, there’s less worry about it breaking, and most certainly less worry about it injuring someone.  

Saves you time!  Having broken equipment off-site and away from your project for a lengthy amount of time costs you time and hence, money! 

Booking in, and scheduling maintenance means you can plan ahead, scheduling work and jobs around appointments so that no project is held up and no team is left without anything to do! 

Maintenance and servicing of machinery help to increase equipment efficiency.  Regularly checking for wear and tear and then fixing and replacing as you encounter any problems, helps to keep all parts of the machine working correctly and running much more efficiently. 

Equipment that works as it should also offer greater efficiency to job sites and projects too. 

Record Keeping.  For some insurance companies (actually, most of them that we’re aware of), you must be able to show that the equipment you have, and are using, is regularly maintained and serviced.  This is important for any claims you might make. As a claim could be considered invalid if the machinery has not been well looked after or serviced regularly.  

This type of record keeping can also be necessary when you come to sell, or trade in any machinery – where an updated service log might be required. 

It’s also important to check your warranty.  As under the conditions of some warranties, it might only be valid on the condition that regular checks are carried out. 

Regular maintenance prevents emergencies and breakdowns.  Don’t slow your project down unnecessarily, increasing your costs, and decreasing your bottom line. 

Regular maintenance = increased lifespan!  Let’s face it, the longer your equipment lasts, the less money you have to outlay on the fleet! 

Correct and proper maintenance is the key to an overall successful project and a happy and safe workforce. 

With construction equipment being one of the biggest investments a company will make, you need to make sure that you protect this investment. 

Adhering to manufacturers maintenance suggestions, for example, will not only help you to get the most out of your equipment continually, but it will also help to maintain and increase its overall lifespan. 

To help, you could look to dedicate a member of your team to keep on top of scheduling and booking in regular maintenance checks. 

Lease and plant hire companies can also help to take care of the maintenance side of things too. Booking in regular appointments and keeping on top of all your equipment service needs. 

If you’re looking for plant or tool hire in Selby, or someone who can help with the maintenance of equipment then gets in touch with the team at Addplant. 

Specialists in site plant services, toilet plant as well as maintenance for plant equipment, we know how important it is to keep big projects running smoothly.  Put our expertise to the test and call us today. 

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