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Plant Hire - Best Practice when on siteHealth and Safety isn’t just another piece of red tape, guidance notes and sets of strong regulations…it’s vital. 

It’s what keeps people safe, preventing and most certainly reducing injury and accidents, especially on construction sites. 

You want to have complete peace of mind when on site that everyone is working to the highest standards and that the equipment which you are using is also of the highest standard. 

When it comes to plant equipment and tool hire, you and your teams ultimately use them to make jobs and tasks more efficient, easier, quicker etc. — making the hardest tasks much more straightforward, while still operating and working within Health and Safety Guidelines. 

Below we’ve provided some areas of best practice to bear in mind when it comes to plant equipment in particular, making sure that efficiency and effectiveness continue to remain high. 

Plant Hire Best Practice  

Let’s start with the biggest feature, the machinery itself.  When looking for plant hire companies you need to look for not only ones you can trust but also companies that take care of their machines, providing you with the safest machines to hire and use, always.  At Addplant Hull, all of our plant equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly. We also offer the latest models to hire, and we always offer full training and a rundown on Health and Safety when using the equipment. 

Check that all and any repairs are carried out by experts.  You need to make sure that those carrying out work on the equipment know what they’re doing.  Certain pieces of equipment are not just expensive to replace when things go wrong, but they can have huge safety consequences if someone doesn’t fix these repairs properly.  

All of our team are trained and fully equipped to professionally carry out any repairs to a high standard, ensuring your safety at all times. 

Check all documentation.  Make sure when you hire any equipment or machinery you receive with these full instructions for use, user manuals, and manufacturers information and guides.  Make sure to ask for Health and Safety certificates, guidelines, and insurance certificates – putting your mind at ease and that you have covered all angles. 

Look into and invest in training.  It’s important to make sure that those who will be operating machinery and equipment are adequately trained to do so.  You need to feel confident that everyone on site is safe, reducing and limiting the chances of accidents from occurring and injuries from happening on your watch! 

Check out the models before you hire!  It’s important to understand the type of machinery and equipment you are hiring as well as its age and service history.  You need to be confident that what you are provided with is a fully working piece of equipment. 

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Addplant – Plant hire Hull 

There are many factors to consider when you start thinking about best practice on site.  Things such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), appropriate signage, adequate facilities, etc., as well as best practice surrounding the plant equipment itself, all need to be at the top of the list. 

At Addplant we invest in our staff.  We invest in training; the sharing of best practice tips and techniques and we invest in the service we provide.  

This, as well as our well-maintained tool hire, is how we guarantee exceptional customer service and peace of mind that all guidelines and regulations are being followed to the letter. 

We deliver all plant machinery and equipment direct to you, with our drivers not only qualified to transport such pieces of machinery but also trained to use and operate the machinery itself. 

We don’t just leave you to it either.  We’re on hand to answer any questions you might have, providing training and safety checks on all of the equipment, confident that everything is in good working order before we hand it over. 

At Addplant we like to think that our services and knowledge help to fill the gap, adding practical detail into best practices when on site. 

If you’re looking for an expert plant hire company in Hull, then look no further than Addplant. 

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