Portable cabin installation

Portable cabin installationPortable cabins on construction sites offer numerous benefits.  Helping to meet all Health and Safety guidelines as well as providing suitable and pleasant welfare units for staff; portable cabin hire can offer it all. 

Portable cabins are also durable and robust, making them suitable for all weather conditions and site conditions too! 

However, installing site accommodation can be an area that we tend not to pay too much attention to.  In this post, we look closer at the portable cabin installation and just what is required to obtain the end result. 

Do you need permission from Local Authorities? 

Planning permission and building regulations for portable cabins depend on the length of time you require these units for as well as varying other factors (it is always worth checking with your local council and site accommodation supplier on regulations and guidance). 

For example, if the hire of these cabins is for less than 28 days, typically, planning permission is not required. 

Also, cabins less than 50m2 will be exempt from planning and building regulations, as well as those with low energy demand. 

The Addplant team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have linked to this. 


Portable cabins are lifted by crane (hence another reason they need to be so tough) and placed on large, arctic trucks ready to be transported to their destination. 

This essentially means that your hired portable cabin comes intact, all in one piece – no assembly is required. 

You can work out the specifications of what the unit needs to be, equipment, size, structure etc, before it is delivered to you, so you only see the final result as it is placed in its desired location. 

Ground surface 

Site accommodation units require a flat surface with minimal landscaping.  The good news for site managers is that many of these units can sit comfortably without foundations. 

For ease, and when space is limited, these units can be stacked on top of each other with full access provided.  However, if you are using this design as an option, foundations will be required to withstand the additional weight, and a thorough site inspection will have to be carried out to determine exact requirements. 

Own facilities 

Where sites have just begun, and no water mains or power outlets are available, no problem.  Addplant’s portable cabins come with their own generators and water supply, making them just as effective as an office unit in a new building block! 

Most site accommodation will also be fully insulated and come with secure double glazing. 

Uses of portable cabins 

Due to their versatility and flexibility, portable cabins on various sites are used for a variety of different reasons. 

Providing construction site managers with additional working space, site accommodation in this sense can also be used to create temporary: 

  • Offices 
  • Classrooms 
  • Sales and marketing suites 
  • Break rooms 
  • Storage facilities 
  • Canteens 
  • Drying and changing rooms 
  • And more! 

Ultimately, they can help provide those on sites with a secure base for their operations. 

Allowing site and project managers the space to plan and think, as well as liaise with clients, architects, and suppliers, etc. 

All paperwork, plans, drawings, safety information, etc. can be stored safely in these cabins, preventing them from being damaged and even lost! 

Site accommodation also provides people with a central location and base, promoting efficiency and clear communication, especially if information has to be passed on to large numbers of workers. 

Installing site accommodation units can be a complicated task.  Requiring excellent planning and communication across a number of different people and departments. 

Our team has the expertise, skills, and equipment to ensure that this complicated task is carried out effectively and efficiently. 

We work with you, your site, and your timescales to deliver excellent results – always. 

We make the transportation, placement, and installation process a smooth one from start to finish. 

Our vast range of portable cabins and site accommodation for hire means we have no doubt, a facility to suit your needs. 

Whether you need site security, portable cabins for an event, or even to set up a temporary classroom – we have something suitable for all. 

Discuss your next project with us today and find out how we can meet your site accommodation requirements. 

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