Portable toilets for home renovations

Portable toilets for home renovationsIf you’re currently having major renovations done to your home, then trust us, the last thing you want is builders and tradespeople coming in and out of your home to use the facilities. 

The solution? 

Portable toilet hire. 

Providing the perfect welfare facilities.  Facilities that must be provided in some capacity to those working on sites, portable toilets from Addplant in Hull are clean, hygienic and suitable for all types of site work. 

Keeping within the Law 

The Health & Safety Executive provides detailed guidance relating to welfare unit requirements, and it is always important to refer to these or to ask your project manager if you have any questions or concerns. 

In general however, the HSE guidance states that building firms must provide a minimum of one toilet unit for every seven people working on a site (this is when a 40-hour week is being worked). 

These toilet units must also be: 

  • Clean, well lit, and well ventilated 
  • Regularly serviced 
  • Contain handwashing facilities 
  • Fully stocked (including toilet paper) 
  • Ideally, have sinks large enough to wash face and arms if other welfare facilities on site are not provided. 

If you’re looking for site toilet hire Hull, then look no further than the Addplant team.  We can advise on the most appropriate, suitable, and best solutions for your site as well as any additional requirements you might need. 

Bathroom Renovations 

Alternatively, as the customer, you may need to hire a portable toilet, if, for example, you’re having your bathroom renovated. 

Don’t panic!  The toilets available to hire in this instance are different from those you will find on construction sites!  Making them the perfect temporary toilet for your home!  A great solution when you require such facilities on a short-term basis. 

But are temporary toilets worth the price? 

Yes!  And we can’t emphasize YES enough! 

For example, how long can you live at your parent’s or friend’s house until your new bathroom is installed?  Moving clothes back and forth and simply being away from the comfort of your own home and having your own space. 

Alternatively, think about the beautiful extension you’re having built, but now you have tradespeople constantly trudging through your house to use the bathroom! 

The potential mess, lack of privacy, draughts, dirt, and grime – the list goes on! 

You need to find a sanitary and hygienic solution and fast. 

Portable toilets for home renovations are this solution. 

Not only do you as the homeowner get temporary toilet hire to protect the house, but they also help to keep your home clean and free from a multitude of different tradespeople. 

No interruptions, no mess, no problem. 

At Addplant, our portable toilets for hire are all priced extremely competitively, and we can have these loaded and delivered to you in no time. 

We want to save you the headaches and the hassle of cleaning carpets and renting hotel rooms as work is being carried out by providing some of the most hygienic portable toilets you’ll find in Hull and throughout Yorkshire. 

For Businesses 

If your business’s bathrooms are going through a refurb, you can opt for portable toilets for your staff on a short-term basis. 

Of course, you will need to consider things such as how long the project is expected to last, how many employees you must cater for, and looking at additional portable toilets for those carrying out the work potentially. 

However, a professional portable toilet company will be able to guide you on the right process and rules of thumb when it comes to numbers and quantities required. 

If you are an outward-facing business and you’re inconveniencing your customers in any way, or the project is to be more of a long-term project. We would highly recommend hiring more luxury, portable cabins. 

These cabins come in a range of styles and sizes and are well equipped to satisfy any situation. 

Fully stocked, luxury cabins also come with hot and cold running water, separate urinals (if required), disabled access, and look much more aesthetically pleasing. 

Don’t be put off from home renovations at the thought of no toilet facilities available.  Look for home toilet hire in Hull and call the experts at Addplant – on hand and ready to help!

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