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For all your site accommodation needs, choose Addplant Ltd 

The best source for high quality and range of portable cabin hire and site accommodation hire in Leeds.

At Addplant, we understand site work and that once projects hit the ground, you will need to be up and running asap. And having the facilities on site will enable such projects to meet all requirements, standards and regulations.

That’s why we provide a variety of site accommodations and portable cabins for hire, suitable to meet a wide range of needs and to offer you the best site accommodation solutions, all at the most competitive prices.

Find out more about our range of site accommodation and portable cabins by calling our team today on 01482 867 227 

Site Accommodation Solution in Leeds
Site Accommodation Provider in Leeds

What our portable cabin units for hire offer

Our portable cabin units for hire can come as standard or can be furnished to your liking. They’re also anti-vandal, bright, modern, and secure.

Fitted out with furnishings which can include:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Etc

All our portable cabins and site accommodation also have fitted internal locks and additional lockboxes and padlocks – we want to provide you with peace of mind that your site accommodation is as secure as any other commercial premises.

Our range of stores also come in different sizes, from 6`x6` up to 20`x8`. With our furnishings also coming in sizes ranging from 8`x8` up to 30`x9`.

What’s more, we provide all of these services at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

Operating throughout Leeds, York, and Hull, Addplant should be at the top of your call list when you need site accommodation/portable cabins for your site project.

Site Accommodation Use

Site accommodation is required for many different reasons, that’s what makes it so flexible and an easy option for site managers.

Addplant can provide a range of canteens, offices, toilet blocks, drying rooms, storage units, meeting rooms and more – ultimately, we believe we have a solution to meet all site accommodation requirements.

Put us to the test, call 01482 867 227 with your questions and requirements.

Why choose Addplant Leeds?

We’ve been operating throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire for many years now, with customers using our units time and time again, due to the high level of customer service we provide and the range of products we have available.

As well as all our available units, we also have our own Hiab transport so we can help you further by micro-managing your delivery schedules and any other requirements as necessary.

Other requirements might include providing pumped water to run toilets and canteens (with our in-house fleet of tankers), providing electricity through our generators which are available to hire, and providing sewage removal (from 500g tankers to 2,000g tankers) – we have the machinery and the equipment to deal with it all.

We aim to help you get up and running as soon as possible, so we make sure we have the necessary extras close by in case you need them.

If you’re looking for site accommodation hire in Leeds, then call Addplant today to discuss all your site needs.


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