How to spot a good plant hire company in York

best plant hire company in YorkThe construction industry and the changes that take place within has a direct impact on plant hire companies and the role they play in construction projects. 

For example, in today’s competitive landscape, plant hire companies have to become more agile than ever before. Working alongside contractors, rather than for them, and providing a service that is not only competitive on price but is unbeatable in quality. 

Obtaining plant and machinery today has changed.  

Now, the focus is on the projects bottom line and how contractors can best utilise resources for chasing those bigger contracts and joint ventures. This has meant more hiring of the equipment they need, when they need it, rather than purchasing, hence retaining margins to a manageable level. 

With the introduction of technology, like everything, the way we communicate with each other has also changed. Today you will find much easier and quicker processes, all streamlined and focused on each project. 

But what does a good plant hire company in Yorkshire do differently from all the others? 

They want to speak to you! 

Seems simple right? Yet, you’d be surprised at how many companies today still don’t have that quick telephone response to a customer call.  Answering your call quickly, or if they aren’t available being able to leave a message for someone to call you back all helps give you peace of mind and confidence in the plant hire company you want to work with. 

Responding to queries asap and providing contractors with what they need over the phone promptly, is not only good manners but it’s good for business. 

Ultimately, if you’re not going to answer the phone, then contractors will call the next person on the list, and in this competitive landscape, there’s no time to lose. 

Answering the phone and calling people back also shows a high level of professionalism and builds trust and confidence in you as a company. 

They’re visible online. 

Not many businesses today don’t have a website. It’s become almost expected by customers, and for companies, it has become almost essential. 

A company’s website is their sales opportunity. An opportunity for them to position themselves in a good light and show customers every type of tool hire they have available before calls are made to enquire further. 

Think of your website as a business card, but you have more space to shout about the great plant hire options you have available. 

Ultimately, a good plant hire company in York will be found by first Googling “plant hire companies in York” – so make sure to check out the ones that are listed. 

They’re friendly. 

Being nice costs nothing. Except when you’re competing for business, then it can cost you everything. 

Sometimes those who are calling might not be as experienced or knowledgeable about plant equipment as you. The more helpful you are, the more reliant and confident that person will be on using you. 

They know your project before you do! 

Those plant hire companies who do their research and know what developments and projects are happening and what resources will likely be needed, are those that are proactive in their approach to helping you. 

Being proactive is also about answering queries and providing rates and availability promptly. Not only this but then following up on this information. Just leaving it, so as not to hassle the contractor, only means someone else has the opportunity to swoop in and talk themselves into a good deal. 

Find out more here!

They are not a robot. 

What we mean by this is that emails are written by an actual person and not simply a response to a rate query with just a block list of prices. 

Good companies will include telephone numbers, website address to look up the equipment online, company name, etc.! 

The points we’ve mentioned above aren’t rocket science, but they are focused on being proactive, putting the customer first, and responding to the challenges that they face. 

Embracing technology and being friendly both via email and over the phone are key elements for creating a great and memorable customer experience.  

At Addplant, we focus on providing tool hire in Yorkshire that is right for the specific projects taking place. Working with contractors and project managers to make sure you have the equipment you need when you need it most. 

We also match this with exceptional customer service and an experienced team on hand to answer all of your questions. 

Call us on 01482 867 227 if you want to find out how we can help you further. 



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