What is a Static Welfare Unit?

Nov 24, 2018

Static Welfare UnitsWelfare facilities are essential for any workplace. Your workers should have convenient access to essential amenities such as sanitation facilities, running water, and cooking accommodations. That’s where welfare units come in handy, and static welfare units are one of the most popular options.  

Static Welfare Unit? 

A static welfare unit is designed to be set up in a fixed position. You don’t have to move it from one spot to another at your site. Designed to meet HSE guidelines, these units are equipped with toilet facilities, seating area, and a small kitchen with basic features such as a sink, kettle, and refrigerator.  

A single unit can serve up to ten people effectively. Due to the fact that static welfare units are typically used in areas with no mains connection, they are equipped with a power generator that is capable of catering to all the electricity needs of the unit. 

A good welfare unit should also have a drying and changing room. You may get rained on at work, and it’s not a pleasant experience to work with wet clothing. You also want to have some privacy whenever you’re changing your clothes. 

Usage of a Static Welfare Unit 

Static welfare units come in handy when you don’t have access to mains services thanks to the fact that are equipped with power generators. They also come with virtually everything you will need for a quick and easy start on a project site.  

You can expect to get the following facilities from a standard static welfare unit: 

  • An office space – Most units have an office space that can accommodate two people. The space features a desk, shelves, and seats. Some welfare units have vandal-proof offices featuring high-security windows, double locks, and shutters. Most of the elements are made from vandal-resistant steel.  
  • Drying and changing area – You can use this room whenever you want to change into your special work clothing. You also can hang your wet or damp clothing on the available hooks to dry.  
  • Restrooms – This ensures that your sanitary needs are taken care of in a convenient and sanitary manner. The washrooms are typically equipped with an HSE-compliant hand wash facility and a chemical toilet. They’re serviced on a regular basis depending on usage. 
  • Seating and dining area – If you feel like taking a break or having a bite, you can use this area. It features seats, tables, and basic kitchen appliances such as a fridge, kettle, and microwave oven.  

There are many companies out there that offer portable welfare units for hire. It is important to ensure your units are fully compliant with health and safety guidelines and are equipped with an appropriate generator to ensure uninterrupted service.  

You can get a wide selection of welfare units for hire from Addplant Ltd, whether you want a unit for a small domestic project or a large commercial construction project, Addplant will deliver, install, and professionally maintain your welfare unit throughout the course of your project.  

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