Temporary site offices – the essential items you need

On large construction sites and long-term building projects, you will find a range of site accommodation used for various needs and requirements. 

One such requirement is for the installation of site offices. 

Site offices can be the first place workers go when they arrive on-site, where site meetings occur, and where visitors report to. 

Now more than ever, site accommodation and site offices, in particular, are playing a vital role in helping to provide site staff with a level of safety and security: a place to work effectively and efficiently and a place to store private and confidential documents. 

Site Accommodation Units 

As well as the everyday health and safety requirements, employers in 2020 now have the additional pressure of managing COVID, ensuring that strict social distancing measures are followed, and hygiene levels remain high. 

This has meant an increase in site cabin hire to help cater to the two meter rule, providing additional washing facilities, canteens, and break rooms, allowing room for one way systems, and more. 

What portable cabin hire can offer you? 


Unfortunately, theft on construction sites is a problem at any time of the year; however, most opportunists will come onto sites during the evenings and weekends.  Putting measures in place, such as installing secure security fencing around the perimeter to prevent equipment and machinery from being stolen, can help. 

Installing site offices and securing private and confidential information in these can become essential. 

Site offices can also hold expensive electronic equipment, so they must be protected at all times. 

Made from ultra-durable steel with robust locking mechanisms, these durable steel containers offer an extremely high protection level while also providing a functional aspect of operating as an office with comfortable workplace facilities. 

Suitable for all weather conditions 

Due to their material and construction, site offices are robust and durable, making them able to withstand all weather conditions – allowing you to get on with the job at hand. 

Keeping equipment, tools, and employees dry – site cabins in this respect can be the perfect addition to your project. 

A place to display information 

The Health and Safety Executive requests that certain information for site workers and visitors is displayed for everyone working on-site or visiting the site to see.  Using accessible site accommodation to display such information helps keep you compliant and avoid those hefty fines. 

Keeps your records in check 

Having a central place where employees can come to sign in and sign out helps you to keep a record of who is on-site at any one time (required if an emergency evacuation was needed).  And it is also a great opportunity to display any important information as well as house spare PPE should it be required. 

Helps to maintain high levels of productivity 

Providing the right space and a comfortable space for employees can help to boost morale and, in turn, boost productivity levels, as their needs have been considered during the planning process. It’s important that productivity is kept high, and as such, you need to think about what storage you need and what health and safety requirements, as a minimum, you have to meet. 

Planning your space 

It’s essential when working on sites that you plan your space and provide the necessary facilities for all employees. 

Facilities such as: 

  • Drying rooms 
  • Changing rooms 
  • Break rooms/canteens 
  • Portable toilets 
  • And more! 

These are all `must-haves` for construction and building sites.  And planning your space around site offices helps you keep everything centralised and boost visibility, so everyone knows where to go. 

In addition, if you are looking to hire site cabins as office structures, these units can include double glazed windows, so it won’t feel like you’re working or having your breaks in a steel box! 

Essential items required in site offices 

You must include several pieces of paperwork and documentation within your site office; these include: 

  • Accident log 
  • First aid kit 
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Induction forms 
  • Health and Safety Policies 
  • Construction schedules/plans 
  • Risk assessments 
  • Contracts 
  • Method statements 
  • Site surveys 
  • Work permits 
  • Training records 
  • Spare PPE 
  • Signing in sheets 
  • Notice board 
  • Health and Safety posters 
  • Insurance certificates 
  • Fire and emergency evacuation procedure 
  • F10 notification 
  • Communication logbook 

Having everything located in one place helps you be much more effective and efficient in your role and compliant with all legal requirements. 

The good news is Addplant can help with all of your site accommodation needs! 

We offer a combination of units suitable for offices, storage, changing facilities, break rooms, and more. 

We aim to help support you in creating a safe and secure site. To find out more call us on 01482 867 227 or visit our page.

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