Tips for successful event management

event managementFor us, when we think of event managers, we think of those who are logical and organised thinkers. 

Those who think about everyone else’s needs before their own. 

And those people who can always create the perfect end result – a fantastic event. 

With numerous things to remember, an event planner’s role is never an easy one. Offering a helping hand in the planning aspect of events, we’ve listed our top tips for managing a successful event. 

Tips for successful event management 

Check Utility Requirements

Some venues will come with it all – built-in kitchens, bathrooms, full use of power, etc. But for others, a little more consideration needs to be taken. 

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting will, of course, depend on what utility resources you need. However, it’s always worth checking water and power supplies and if these are in the required place. 

When it comes to utility requirements, you also need to be mindful of Health and Safety requirements and what you need to have vs. what is nice to have. 

Fear not! 

Welfare units are the perfect solution if your event space doesn’t have power or water supply. 

Welfare units are kitted out to provide everything you require to meet all guests and employee welfare needs. 

Fully functional, these units allow guests and staff to freshen up and relax, providing full power and freshwater supply. 

Where will your first aid points be? 

All events should have a dedicated and staffed first aid area, which is well signposted for guests to find. 

Welfare units are often used as a base for first aid points and even reception areas. You can hire these units from Addplant, where you can find further information from our friendly team. 

What are your catering requirements? 

For example, are you serving food? Is this finger food, a sit-down 3-course meal, or a mixture of both? How much catering do you require? How many guests do you have in attendance? Are there any dietary requirements to be aware of? 

If you’re hiring external caterers, how much space do they require? Do they need the use of any other facilities or resources? Etc. 

Ultimately, if you are providing catering in any form, you will need running water and power in some capacity, and this must be factored in. 

Do you have appropriate staff rooms? 

Do you have a central location where you can brief staff? Where they can take their breaks, rest, keep their personal belongings, etc.? Will you be providing transport if working late hours? Or will accommodation be provided if the event is held over a couple of days?  

Trust us; happy staff can make all the difference to your event. 

Site cabins can make all the difference too. Often used as overnight accommodation for staff, as well as used as kitchens (great to meet your catering requirements mentioned above), or even used to host your event security teams and systems, site cabins can be tailored to suit. 

Available in a range of sizes you have the option to tailor-make your space. 

Check and provide event toilets

It is the event managers responsibility to ensure that your event has toilet facilities and enough of them at that! Knowing how many people you have attended will help to provide you with an indication as to how many and what types of toilet hire you should opt for. 

Portable toilets now come in all shapes and sizes, and your event toilets and amenities are the one thing that can affect your reputation good or bad. This makes choosing the right toilets for hire a critical part of the event management process. 

Portable toilets are quickly delivered and placed wherever you require. Plus, there’s no clean up needed afterwards! 

Speak to Addplant if you would like help with portable toilet ratios and choosing the right type of portable toilet for your event! 

Quickfire Tips 

Start your planning early – for large events we’d recommend planning 4-6 months in advance. For smaller events, a month should be fine.  

Make sure all supplier contracts and paperwork are dealt with in advance; no one wants to be chasing signatures on the day. 

Flexibility is key – things change, this is inevitable. The more flexible you can be, the easier you will find event management. 

Negotiation is everything – you will likely be dealing with multiple suppliers, and to keep your costs reasonable and have leeway for contingencies you need to negotiate the best rates. 

Assign responsibility – break your event down into sections, as you need to know who is responsible and looking after these areas at all times. 

Keep all your paperwork in the same place – you need to store and save all of the documents from the same event in the same place, making your life a lot easier! 

What is your backup plan? – it’s important to have a plan B, allowing you to be covered for any eventuality. 

Have a walk through – walk through your event with your team to make sure everyone is aware of what’s going on, and any problems can be highlighted and dealt with at this early stage. 

Follow up – follow up with attendees to gather feedback, evaluating what worked well and what needs a little further attention in the future. 

Event management is about having all the information to hand and having as much information as possible so you can cover all areas and any eventuality. 

At Addplant, we can provide event toilets for hire that are tailored and perfectly suited to your event, as well as welfare units and store cabins. To find out more, make sure to call us on 01482 867 227.

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