Toilet chemicals for portable toilets

Toilet chemicals for portable toiletsOk, so fresh smelling and pristine clean aren’t some of the many phrases associated with portable toilets, or indeed what immediately springs to mind when we think of them! 

Portable toilets in any capacity need to be maintained regularly to avoid them not only becoming unclean but from becoming unhygienic too. 

However, when you hire a portable toilet from Addplant, you can rest assured that all of our toilets are kept as welcoming as possible.  Steam cleaned inside and out, you can also have peace of mind that we only use quality, environmentally friendly toilet chemicals. 

We also provide regular servicing (which includes toilet roll replacement and waste management). 

The chemicals required for portable toilets, however, are what can be most important. 


Because ultimately, the chemicals used not only keep bacteria at bay, but they also help reduce unwanted odours. 

Portable toilet chemicals are also required under Health and Safety guidance, helping to keep everyone’s confidence high, knowing that good cleaning standards are being maintained and your basic needs are in good hands! 

But what are these important chemicals, and how should they be used? 

In times gone, one of the main chemicals associated with portable toilets was Formaldehyde. 

However, this is a very, very strong chemical and can irritate the skin, eyes, and throat if you are to come into close contact with it.  As you can imagine, after a portable toilet has been cleaned using this chemical, it doesn’t create the most pleasant environment for workers or festival-goers! 

Hence being in a closed space such as a portable toilet didn’t allow for the best mix.  For this reason, today, you will find Formaldehyde being used less and less. 

Today the chemicals used are much more environmentally friendly and can offer the same high clean that Formaldehyde does, if not better! 

More user-friendly chemicals can be broken down into four categories: 


A prevalent component in portable toilet hires is finding a blue dyeing agent used to hide any unsightly waste (helping to make the overall user experience much more positive) and break down bacteria, keeping everything clean and sanitary at all times. 

As well as protecting you from ghastly sights, these blue dyes also help tell you when your waste tank is ready for emptying, as the blue dye also changes colour to sea green. 

When this happens, the toilet has reached its capacity and needs to be serviced asap. 


Biocides help prevent the growth of bacteria found in human waste, keeping a clean and odour free environment at all times. 

Biocides are often used in everyday practices too as they are completely safe for humans; for example, chlorine used in swimming pools contains the chemical biocide. 

This chemical also means toilet facilities do not have to be serviced every day – saving you time and money! 


Surfactants are chemical compounds that are also known as detergents helping biocides, and fragrances work faster, making them much more efficient. 

They do this by lowering the tension across the surface, between the chemical liquid and solid/liquid waste. 

Ultimately, creating a nicer smell and an all-round pleasant toilet experience. 


Who doesn’t love a nice smell!  A big feature when installing site toilets.  Fragrances are used to mask any bad odours. 

Chemicals to stay away from 

We recommend that portable toilets hired for use on construction sites and at festivals, etc., should not use bleach as an additional chemical to help with bacteria and odour control. 

Portable toilets should also not be serviced by yourself or your team and only by professional waste removal companies. 

The main reason for the avoidance of bleach is because bleach can, in fact, react negatively against the chemicals already being used, so it will have an adverse effect compared to the one you’re looking to achieve. 

At Addplant we keep things safe and hygienic 

At Addplant, we don’t add any unwanted chemicals to our toilets for hire, and we regularly service all cabins to an extremely high standard. 

We also take our commitment to the environment very seriously, using user-friendly products wherever possible. 

We provide high spec toilet facilities for all situations, events, and projects.  With portable toilets suitable when there is no mains water, you have complete flexibility when you hire from us. 

All of our toilets come with handwashing facilities and ventilation systems – great for hot summer days! 

We’re also renowned for our exceptional customer service and the most competitive prices around. 

We also as part of our regular servicing: 

  • Remove any/all rubbish 
  • Empty waste tanks and dispose of waste appropriately 
  • Clean the interior 
  • Restock and replenish 
  • Clean the outside of the unit upon return, ready for our next customer. 

If you’re looking for high quality, first-class portable toilet hire – look no further than Addplant for your FREE no-obligation quote. 

Call today on 01977 685 458 

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