Types of portable toilets for hire

portable toilet typesTrust us when we say that having the wrong portable toilet at your event can be a messy business. 

Messy because not everyone may be catered for, you could experience problems with tanks overflowing with waste, queues forming, lack of adequate facilities to meet minimum standards and requirements, and so much more. 

Knowing what types of portable toilets are available, as well as taking into consideration what you need and want, can make your life, and your guests comfort a lot more, well comfortable! 

In this post, we look at the range of portable toilet types and the function and role of each. 

Portable toilets for hire 

Ultimately portable toilets are facilities that can be moved to anywhere on a site that you require. Mainly placed in locations where no or limited toilet facilities are available. 

The most common portable toilets for hire for events or any other outdoor activities include: 

  • Standard portable toilets 
  • Disabled/accessible portable toilets
  • Mains connected toilets 
  • Construction site portable toilets 

Looking at these types in a little bit more detail. 

Event toilets – your standard portable toilet hire is one of the most popular options for outdoor events and festivals. These facilities are not only robust, but they also come with a manual flush (to keep the unit clean and reduce odours) and cold-water basin, providing the basics you need to satisfy demand. 

Accessible/Disable toilets – matched with standard event toilets, is the perfectly designed fully accessible disable portable toilet. Ideal for anyone requiring wheelchair access, these facilities are fitted with larger doors and have much more interior space. Great for private events or family events where elderly guests might find these facilities more comfortable. 

Luxury toilets – mainly available as large trailers, luxury loos have flushable toilets, are perfect and big enough for large and heavy in-demand events, keep odours to a minimum, have lights, mirrors, hand basins, hand towels and so much more. 

Portable urinals – help to service more people and bring the queues down with portable urinals. Styles include the simple stand units without doors or screens, or you can opt for more luxury, which includes blocks or cabins. 

Mains connected – different to construction toilets, these types of portable toilets aren’t self-contained and must be set up to a mains water supply, as well as require electricity. However, this type of portable toilet can provide both hot and cold water as well as a hot heater. 

Construction toilets – mainly used for long term hire, these toilets are usually serviced by your hire company, preventing any issues with tanks overflowing with waste. This is typically carried out weekly or fortnightly depending on the size of your site. It is also recommended that on construction sites, the ratio is one toilet to every seven people on site. 

Note: For construction sites, it is a legal requirement that the toilet services provided, also provide washing facilities too. 

Welfare Units – great for construction sites as they supply hot water, a drying room, canteen, and even a generator. This is a long-term option that will meet all of the health and safety requirements that project managers are bound by. 

Ultimately, ensuring excellent sanitary facilities is vital for guests, workers, and you! 

Getting to the detail 

The toilets mentioned above mainly come as self-contained units, with tanks fitted to them as tapping into mains supply is not always an option. In these instances, most portable toilets will function as: 

  • Chemical toilets (both cold and hot water chemical toilets) 
  • Urine diverting dry toilet 
  • Composting toilet – eco-friendly and uses a waterless system 
  • Container-based sanitation 
  • Bucket toilet (not the most popular choice for obvious reasons) 
  • Freezing toilet 
  • Incineration toilet 

Such advances in technology have allowed for all events as well as health and safety requirements to be catered for. Of course, your hire company will be able to advise you on the best toilet for your event, and if a chemical toilet or a freezing toilet would work best! They can also speak to you about servicing and if this will be required, again depending on hire duration and demand. 

At Addplant, we’re on hand to make sure that all of your portable toilet hire needs are met. 

Whether you’re in need of a long-term solution or simply a short-term rental, Addplant in Yorkshire are on hand to supply you with it all.

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