Tips in hiring welfare units

welfare unit hiring tipWelfare units – Self-contained units that provide all of the necessary essentials employers need to offer employees in order to comply with Health and Safety regulations. 

Found on sites where there is no mains power, water, or drainage, welfare units come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. 

From towable to mobile and static units – there is a solution to suit every site requirement. 

In this post, we investigate the welfare unit hire further and what you should look out for when hiring the best facilities for your site. 

Law Abiding Units 

Health and Safety within the construction and building sector have continued to improve year on year, and alongside this, we have also seen great improvements to welfare standards.   Standards that employees should now expect as the “norm” from their employers. 

According to law, employers have an obligation to provide safe and comfortable welfare facilities. 

Providing welfare units in this sense not only, therefore, helps to comply with HSE regulations, but it also shows your commitment towards your teams. 

For long-term projects, it’s important to note that no construction work can start until appropriate welfare units are available on site. These units must then be regularly serviced and maintained throughout the project. 

HSE clearly states: All employees are to have access to toilet and wash facilities, as well as an area that can be used for food prep and consumption, and finally, a place to store and dry work clothing and PP Equipment. 

The benefit of welfare units to employers is that these good and clean facilities can help to improve staff morale and increase productivity among teams.  Offering you the ultimate win-win! 

When hiring welfare units from Addplant, you can have 100% confidence that all HSE regulations are met, and our units provide the ultimate comfort and cleanliness. We also offer regular maintenance and servicing and can set up our units on-site in just 30 minutes, with water and electrics ready to go when you are. 

Welfare units suitable for you 

When looking at the different welfare units available, consider:

  • How many staff are you catering to? 
  • Where will the unit be located, and is a hardstand available? 
  • Will the unit have to be moved throughout the project? 
  • Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? (Check out our eco units – battery powered with a range of energy-saving features). 

Hiring a welfare unit from Addplant 

It couldn’t be easier. 

When you call and speak with a member of our team, we will provide you with advice and options on which unit is most suitable for you and will meet your requirements exactly. 

We work with you and your specifications, offering cost-effective and compliant solutions. 

As a project manager, you need to know where your workers will rest, eat, wash, etc., and you are responsible for ensuring that they have the space to do so, allowing workers to carry on with their regular duties safely and efficiently. 

At Addplant, we have a vast range of welfare units for hire, suitable for all sizes and locations. 

Types of welfare units 

Mobile welfare units can travel with you while still providing you with all of your welfare provisions. 

These units include hot water as standard, and depending on requirements, they can also include breakrooms, office space, toilets, kitchen area, etc. Mobile units are also available in a variety of sizes. 

Static welfare units use a power generator to provide everything you need when no mains, water, electricity, etc. are available. These units are designed not to be moved once they’re set up in place, and they are available in different sizes and lengths suitable for the varying staffing numbers on various sites/projects. Static units can also provide canteen and toilet facilities as well as separate office space, drying rooms and changing rooms. 

Welfare site cabins are ideal as static storage or canteens/break areas. These cabins can be designed to your specifications i.e., secure storage facilities to house your tools and equipment, portable break rooms to offer rest and relaxation, or office space, allowing you the headspace to plan and manage effectively. 

Sustainable welfare units ultimately use less fuel and have reduced carbon dioxide emissions and ultra-low noise pollution. Continuing to meet all HSE regulations, providing a high standard of comfort while showing your commitment to sustainability. 

At Addplant, we can supply individual units or a combination of units to provide you with several different facilities. 

To learn more about the welfare units we have available to hire, call our team today on 01482 867 227.

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