What is the Blue Liquid in a Portable Toilet?

What is the Blue Liquid in a Portable ToiletLooking deeply into a portable toilet isn’t something most of us tend to do, but I’m sure you may have noticed the blue toilet fluid normally present in these toilets. If you are looking to hire a block of portable toilets from Addplant Limitedit’s normal to question their cleanliness and hygiene levelsThat’s where the blue liquid comes in handy and can ensure you offer your guests or workplace a hygienic toilet experience each time. Keep reading to learn about the function of porta potty blue liquid, so the next time you hire site toilets, you’ll know exactly why it’s there.

What is the purpose of this blue liquid? 

The primary reason for the blue chemical toilet fluid is to keep your portable toilets smelling fresh and looking clean no matter how much they are used. We all know how much use a portable toilet block can receive during a big event, such as a festival or concert, so it’s important they don’t become unusable by the end of the day. As portable toilets use only a small percentage of water when compared to regular toilets, the water in the bowl isn’t emptied every time the toilet is flushed.

Portable toilets have been used for decades and were first invented for ship crews during World War II. While these portable toilets look completely different from those you would rent today, they were incredibly difficult to keep clean and smelling fresh. During this time, the cleaner used contained formaldehyde, which is now often avoided due to its health and environmental concerns. Instead, today’s blue liquid works by introducing enzymes or microbes that destroy the bacteria which causes unpleasant smells. It’s a potent disinfectant that can mask odours even when the toilet is used all day long at the country’s busiest events.

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What Ingredients are in the Blue Liquid? 

Thanks to scientific advancements, many of the blue liquid products today are much safer and more environmentally friendly. They have helped to transform the reputation of portable toilets, making them the ideal solution for worksites and events throughout the country. Most chemical toilet fluid options contain biocides, fragrance, detergents, and dye. Biocides are used to reduce the bacteria, which produces odour, helping your toilets to remain fresh all day long. It can also help prevent any bacteria present from growing to reduce the chance of unpleasant smells increasing.

The blue colour comes from the dye and disguises the waste that will build up throughout the day. Detergents work to dissolve unpleasant odours and help to neutralise smells. Finally, the fragrance works to cover up any odour that does occur, so everyone stepping into your portable toilet enjoys a pleasant bathroom experience. You’ll find blue chemical toilet liquids available in a wide variety of scents nowadays, some of which can completely transform your bathroom experience.

Keeping your Portable Toilets Fresh and Clean 

As you can tell, using this blue liquid is essential for the cleanliness of your portable toilets. However, even more, care should be taken to ensure your guests or workers have a pleasant experience. If you are renting portable toilets for an extended period of time, ensure you regularly clean the floor and surfaces of the toilet. Walking into a toilet with a wet floor can make a terrible first impression, and if you are hosting an event, it is sure to garner complaints from your guests. You’ll also want to ensure your toilets are always fully stocked with toilet roll to avoid any unpleasant incidents for users. 

Nowadays, many portable toilets hire options to come with sinks and taps within the toilet block, or you may find hand sanitiser on the walls. Ensure these are working properly throughout, as there’s nothing worse than having nothing to wash your hands with after using the bathroom. Consider adding an air freshener spray or air freshener strips to encourage a more pleasant odour in the toilet for an elevated user experience. Along with the blue chemical liquid, you’ll find your toilets will keep smelling and looking pleasant for the days or weeks they are rented for.

The porta potty blue liquid was one of the best developments for portable toilet hire and helps to disguise waste and bad odours. You’ll soon notice if you use a toilet without this liquid, and it’s a particularly unpleasant experience. When renting from Addplant Limitedyou can be sure you are in safe hands with your next site toilets, and you and your toilet users will experience a pleasant and clean experience each time. If you are comparing toilet hire options this year, ensure blue toilet fluid comes as standardYou’ll find site toilet hire to be an effective way to add extra facilities to any building or work site this year. 

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