What is the Purpose of the Gap at the Front of Public Toilet Seats?

What is the Purpose of the Gap at the Front of Public Toilet SeatsWhen using toilets in public, you may have noticed almost all toilet seats have a gap at the front. In comparison to your home toilets, where you have a full toilet seat stretching all the way around the toilet bowl, you’ll find U shaped toilet seats are the most common choice for site toilets and public toilets. Today we will explore the reasons behind this choice of the toilet seat, so that the next time you are looking at portable toilet hire options, you understand the purpose and function behind split toilet seats. 

Why are U Shaped Toilet Seats Used? 

The reasoning behind split toilet seats dates back to 1955, where the American Standard National Plumbing Code first cited the need for this type of toilet seat. This was once again noted in the 1973 Uniform Plumbing Codes and has been adopted for public toilet seats worldwide. While not every country is governed by these rules, many site toilets still adopt this seat style for hygiene reasons. Split toilet seats offer more space so the user won’t accidentally hit the seat with their genitals, and it also reduces the chance of splashing urine onto the front of the seat. This is essential when portable toilet hire units are being used all day long by hundreds of people and helps to keep toilets a little cleaner and more hygienic. 

U shaped toilet seats also make wiping easier for women, and there’s less chance of hitting your hand or picking up germs. It’s also cheaper to manufacture these toilet seats, as they use less material on their toilet front. Another great reason these split toilet seats are also popular with public places and venues is that they are far less likely to get stolen. They are a less attractive option to have in your home and will look out of place anywhere except for toilet block hire locations and public toilets. However, in the UK, many public toilets and portable toilet hire units actually forfeit a toilet seat altogether. While this may seem like a great option to minimise theft or damage, it’s important to consider the user experience. Many individuals find it unsettling to have no toilet seat, and it can be an uncomfortable experience.

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Choosing the Best Public Toilet Seats for your Needs 

When it comes to toilet block hire, it can be overwhelming to choose between the different options on offer. Whether you are opting for a fancier, modern toilet block, or functional site toilets, you’ll find something to suit your needs today. You’ll see a combination of full, split, and no toilet seats on offer, and it’s important to consider the user experience when concluding which one to go for. If you are looking for the most hygienic portable toilet seat, split toilet seats will always be your best bet. Users will enjoy being able to sit down while using the bathroom without having any of the hygiene concerns associated with a regular toilet seat. 

If you are looking to recreate a home toilet experience, opt for a full toilet seat where available. This option is only recommended for certain setups, where you know the toilets won’t be abused or require endless cleaning as a result of having these full toilet seats. Finally, if you are looking for a practical solution that requires minimal cleaning, you may opt to forfeit a toilet seat altogether. If you are simply providing extra facilities which will be used quickly by people who won’t notice or care about where they are going to the toilet, this is a good option. You’ll find cleaning is much easier without a toilet seat, although most people do prefer the option of sitting down while using the bathroom. 

Keeping Split Toilet Seats Clean 

When choosing portable toilet hire with U shaped toilet seats, it’s important to ensure you keep the toilets looking clean for future users. These U shaped toilet seats can be cleaned in the same way as regular toilet seats. However, it’s essential to pay a little extra attention to the gap in the centre. This area can experience a build-up of bacteria and dirt if not cleaned carefully, which will make the public toilet seats even more unhygienic to use, defeating the object of split toilet seats. By having a regular cleaning schedule and using effective products on your toilet seats, you’ll offer your guests or employees a pleasant experience during your next toilet hire.

The next time you see split toilet seats in public or when comparing site toilets, you’ll know the function and purpose of these public toilet seats. When hiring toilets, cleanliness and hygiene should always be your top priority, and this type of toilet front can minimise issues occurring. Addplant Limited offers a wide selection of portable toilet hire options to fit your needs, and you’ll find the perfect solution for your next building site or event this year.

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