Your comprehensive guide to construction equipment hire

Whether you’re putting on an event or running a construction project, there’s a wide range of plant machinery you need to get your project off the ground. But with the cost of purchase and maintenance being extremely high, chances are you aren’t able to buy your own equipment. That’s where construction equipment hire comes in.

By hiring the equipment you need, you’ll not only keep your costs down, but you’ll also save the hassle of having to manage maintenance. Not to mention the fact you don’t have to deal with finding the tools for a permanent home! So the big question remains – what machinery and equipment can you hire for your construction or event plan and how will it enhance your project?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the different equipment you can hire for your master plan and how it will elevate your endeavours.


Excavators are bulky machines that cost a lot to buy and maintain but are the essential foundation of any construction job.

They have multiple uses and can be used for a range of jobs, from digging and clearing land to lifting and moving materials. This versatility makes them a great choice for event or construction jobs, as they can take care of a variety of tasks with ease. They are also relatively easy to operate, making them an ideal choice for those who are inexperienced with construction equipment.

Forklifts and teleporters

Construction and event projects often require specialised heavy lifting and, in order to do this safely and efficiently, it is important to have reliable and up-to-date equipment. Forklifts and teleporters are essential pieces of equipment for these projects, as they allow workers to move large, heavy objects in a safe manner.

Forklifts, in particular, are versatile pieces of equipment, as they are able to lift and transport heavy items, as well as stack and organise them. This is especially useful for building structures like houses or performance stages.

Teleporters are also an important tool for construction and event projects, as they allow workers to move large items quickly and easily. Having these pieces of equipment ensures that workers can complete their tasks in a safe and timely manner.


Hiring fencing is essential for events and construction sites to work optimally.

For events, fencing can help ensure the safety of guests and that the event grounds remain secure and organised. Fencing can also help create a physical boundary for the event, enabling organisers to control entrance and exit points and keep out any unwanted visitors. This is paramount for making sure your event operates within required safety guidelines and minimises the possibility of your event being shut down.

On construction sites, fencing can help delineate the area and maintain safety for workers, as well as limit access to the site and protect the site from potential hazards. Fencing also helps maintain a professional and organised appearance and can be used to mark off hazardous areas and keep onlookers away.

Overall, hiring fencing is a vital part of hosting an event or managing a construction site and can help ensure the success of the event or project.

Portable and event toilets

Portable and event toilets are an essential hire for construction sites and events due to their convenience and ease of use.

For construction sites, the temporary nature of these toilets provides workers with a safe, hygienic and convenient way to take care of their sanitation needs without having to worry about plumbing installation. Additionally, the portability of these toilets allows for quick relocation when needed, meaning a smoother transition on larger construction projects that span a wide area.

For events, these toilets provide attendees with a safe and hygienic place to go when nature calls. Having access to these toilets ensures that attendees can enjoy the event without worrying about where to go when they need to use the restroom.

Having toilets located on the premises is a requirement, and hiring them is the easiest solution!

The jury is out on how many toilets you should hire, but you’ll need to consider the following:
– How long is your event?
– Will alcohol be served?
– Will there be food?
– How many women vs men are you expecting?
– How large is the venue?

You can find more information on safely managing an event.

Site accommodation

A construction or event site can be an incredibly busy environment, with workers, contractors and visitors coming and going.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of the people on-site, it is essential to provide suitable accommodation options.

Site accommodation facilities are essential to ensure that everyone can find a safe and comfortable place to stay while they are working on-site. They provide a peaceful and secure environment, which is essential to keep workers and visitors safe.

Furthermore, they also enable the site to have adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities, which are key for the health and safety of everyone on-site.

Not only does site accommodation provide a safe and secure environment for workers and visitors, but it also helps to improve the overall productivity of the site. With staff and visitors having a comfortable place to stay, they can work longer hours and be more productive.

This is especially important for construction sites, where time can be a critical factor in meeting deadlines.

Finally, site accommodation can provide a much-needed break from the hectic pace of a construction or event site. By having a place to retreat and relax, staff and visitors can recharge and refocus, which can help improve the overall efficiency of the site. For these reasons, it is essential that every construction and event site hires a reliable and trustworthy site accommodation facility.

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