From back gardens and driveways to multi house developments Addplant has an excavator to
do the job from 0.75t to 8t excavators. Dig deeper with Addplant!

0.75T Excavator

0.75t excavator

Operating weight 0.75t
width (tracks in) 740mm
Width (tracks out) 900mm
Overall length 2740mm
Height inc. ROPs 2195mm
Height ROPS Folded 1375mm
Max dig depth 1370mm
Max dump height 2145mm
Attachments if required Breaker
1.5T Excavator

1.5t excavator

Operating weight 1.5t
width (tracks in) 990mm
Width (tracks out) 1280mm
Overall length 3500mm
Height inc. ROPs 2380mm
Height ROPS Folded n/a
Max dig depth 2190mm
Max dump height 2510mm
Attachments if required Breaker
3T Excavator

3t excavator

Operating weight 2.77t
width (tracks in) 1.5m
Width (tracks out) n/a
Overall length 4180mm
Height inc. ROPs 2430mm
Height ROPS Folded n/a
Max dig depth 2590mm
Max dump height 3190mm
Attachments if required Breaker
6T Mini Excavator

6t Mini Excavator

Operating weight 6.140t
width (tracks in) 1980mm
Width (tracks out) n/a
Overall length 5670mm
Height inc. ROPs 2550mm
Height ROPS Folded n/a
Max dig depth n/a
Max dump height n/a
Attachments if required Breaker
8T Excavator

8t Mini Excavator

Operating weight 8.25t
width (tracks in) 2300mm
Width (tracks out) n/a
Overall length 6170mm
Height inc. ROPs 2640mm
Height ROPS Folded n/a
Max dig depth 3780mm
Max dump height 4730mm
Attachments if required Breaker


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