Welfare Units for Hire

Addplant has a range of both mobile and static welfare units for hire. For more information on welfare units, call us on 01482 067 227 or drop us an email at hire@addplant.co.uk.

Mobile Welfare Units for Hire

Mobile Welfare Units 

Addplant has a range of both mobile and static welfare units for hire. Our welfare units are 12’ or 16’ in length and are a great solution for companies that need instant welfare. They are so easy to set up and use that your site will be fully HSE-compliant within minutes. The range of benefits can be seen below.  

The unit is fully mobile and can be towed with most 4×4 vehicles and provides 

  • Instant Welfare – easily located, easy to tow and a highly cost-effective solution for 7 people 
  • HSE Compliant 
  • Self-contained – no mains connection 
  • Anti-vandal – safe and secure with either ‘kneel down’ axle system and fully retractable drawbar or lockable shroud. 
  • Fully equipped canteen area with cooking facilities 
  • Toilet compartment with fresh water flush 
  • Drying room – a separate facility for drying and changing clothing. 
  • PIR activated 12v LED lighting 
  • Hot and cold running water 
  • Low fuel consumption 
  • In house servicing allowing us to be as flexible as you require for your water replenishment and waste removal.
Static Welfare for Hire

Static Welfare

Addplant has 20’ and 24’ static welfare options these are great for sites that have no power or water supply these single units provide everything your site needs to get up and running. 

20’ units have a canteen and drying area with 50gallon water supply on board generator and recirculating toilet. As part of the price we provide a weekly waste emptying and water replenishing service. 

Our 24’ units have a canteen, separate drying room and fresh water toilet all run from the onboard generator. These cabins come with a large water supply and waste holding tank of 250g perfect if you have a high water usage. The unit is serviced by our in house fleet so any time you need a top up all you need to do is give us a call and we will be there same day or next day to refill. 


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