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Optimise your event with on site portable toilets or specialist toilet units and showers today,

Luxury Toilet Trailers

Want something special for your event then addplant has the solution for you we have a range of units to suit your needs. Just give our team a call and we will recommend the right unit for you one that both looks the part and can cope with your requirements.

Our toilet trailers come in 4 different sizes so we can cater for any size of event and we have multiple units of each so if you require more than one we can accommodate!

These units look great and are very quickly set up by our team. We can also provide attendants if required. 

Give our team a call on 01482 867 227 to know more about event toilets.

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Our Petite Units 1+1


The Petite is a mobile self contained Unit containing two unisex ceramic toilets and wash hand basins providing both hot and cold running water.

The Unit is the smallest in our Luxury Fleet making it ideal for smaller functions or when space is minimal meaning you do not have to compromise on style.

The Petite Unit does require a 230 volt socket to function.


Length 8ft (2.45 meters)
Overall Length including Tow Bar12ft (3.65 meters)
Width5ft 2 inches (1.6 meters)


AddLoo Petite Units
AddLoo Petite Units Blue Print
AddLoo Classic Units
AddLoo Classic Units Blue Print

Our Classic 2+1 Units


The Classic is a Luxury facility that provides two female ceramic toilets accompanied by a hand wash basin contained within a vanity unit providing both hot and cold running water.  One male ceramic toilet, two urinals along with a hand wash basin contained within a vanity unit.

The Classic  does require a 230 volt socket to function and a mains water supply, this can be provided if an external tap is not accessible.


Length14ft (4.3 meters)
Overall Length including Tow Bar18ft (5.5 meters)
Width7ft 6 inches (2.3 meters)

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6 Bay and 10 Bay Toilet Trailers

These smart and space efficient units are perfect for your event if you want an option that is more pleasing on the eye than standard portable toilets but more cost effective than our luxury toilet trailers.

These units are built onto a trailer chassis and have either 6 toilet cubicles or 10 toilet cubicles. They are really easy to set up. Simply driven into their required position unhitched from our delivery vehicle, steps attached and they are ready to use. 10 minutes and your facilities are ready to go!

The units are a recirculating flush toilet with hand basin split into 6 or 10 individual units. They can be used “as is” or if a power supply is on hand the unit can be connected to mains power and the unit has hotwash hand washing facilities and lighting.

Event Toilet

The advantage of Standard Units is that they are totally self-contained, and so can be sited virtually anywhere, as long as the ground is firm and level. The adaptability of these portable toilet units makes them a perfect option for establishments such as camping and caravan sites, festivals, concerts, parties and outdoor events. They have a flush mechanism and a sink and are supplied with all the consumables you will require. We can also provide attendants to monitor and replenish toilets at your event to ensure they stay as fresh as they arrived throughout the day!

We can supply anything from 1 to over 100 portable toilet units at a time and our in house wagon fleet ensures we can deliver and collect quickly minimizing any potential logistical headaches.

Disabled Toilets

  • Wide door and no step for easy wheelchair access
  • Low level hand rails fitted internally to assist the user
  • Low level toilet
  • We remove and dispose of effluent, clean toilet inside, refill water, replenish soap, hand towels and toilet rolls leaving it clean, tidy and ready fo
  • Provided with vent pipe to ensure odourless toilet even in the warmest of summers
  • Spring loaded door


These are great for cutting down queueing times at your event. Perfect for music concerts, beer festivals and sporting events in other words great for events where blokes are likely to be swilling a couple of beers!

Having urinals together with our standard portable toilets means the queues for the standard toilets are significantly shortened for the ladies.

If you’re hosting an event these are a really speedy, space efficient solution for you to include!

Event Toilet Hire

Addplant has an extensive range of portable toilet options to suit any event requirements, from weddings and festivals down to a family BBQ we can help.

We work throughout the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region to provide all the sanitary requirements you may need for your event.

From luxury toilet trailers, to standard portable toilets, urinals, easy access disabled toilet units and showers we have the full range. If you are planning an event and require advice about toilet facilities pleased give us a call on 01482 867227.

We can also help if you require ticket booth’s, water supplies or electricity we provide the whole package and manage the process from end to end.


I’m organising an event and am unsure how many toilet facilities I should provide?
Generally if people work on a ratio of 50 guests per portable toilet there should be adequate facilities for your event. However if you want to talk or email us we are happy to discuss your requirements as other options such as urinals or toilet trailers may be a better option for you. If you require any advice call us on 01482 867227 or email hire@addplant.co.uk
How do I make an enquiry or place an order?
Drop us an email, hire@addplant.co.uk, or give us a call on 01482 867227 our staff will be happy to advise you on your toilet requirements or if you already know what you need take your order. Once an order is placed we will confirm your order and delivery schedule in the week proceeding the event and the next time you hear from us will be at the allotted delivery hour!
Do Addplant cater for small parties and events?
Addplant cater for events of all sizes we provide single portaloos for your BBQ or party right up to full welfare provision, including portaloos, waste emptying services, ticketing booths, urinals, disabled friendly toilets and fencing for massive festivals, shows and concerts!  

Also because we have an extensive transport network throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire we can usually be relied upon to offer a cheap transport solution to get your portable toilets to you at a time convenient to you. 



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