Facts and Myths of Hiring Plant Equipment

Aug 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

Does your business need some new plant equipment on site? With the prolific market for plant equipment, it’s important to gather the right information, so you don’t find yourself with unnecessary expenses. You’re considering whether to buy new or go for a rental. By now, you’ve probably come across various pieces of advice. We’re going to break down the facts and myths of hiring plant equipment so that you can make an informed decision. 

Generally speaking, renting plant equipment gets a lot simpler if you know your facts. It’s as simple as making a plan well ahead of time and keeping watch on the important details. 

Myth no. 1: Renting equipment is expensive 

When someone tells you that renting equipment isn’t cheap, they don’t have the full picture. The cost of the equipment rental depends on many factors. The first thing to get straight is for how long you’ll need your equipment rental. If you are starting a long-term project and expect to be using one of the basic pieces of heavy equipment, and to keep using it for future projects then, yes, it might be expensive to rent it in the long run. However, if you need a tool that you will use once or twice on-site or a specialised tool for a one-time project, renting will be a much cheaper option.  

There are ways to calculate the expenses. First, make a list of all the things you need to accomplish on site. When you do that, try to project which of these things need to be done with plant equipment, and what kind of equipment. Finally, compare the expenses of heavy equipment rental for the exact needs you have, vs buying new. It should give you a clearer picture. 

It’s easy to check if the heavy equipment rental myths are true – give us a call and we at Addplant will be glad to clarify any doubts. 

Myth no. 2: I can rent old/used equipment only 

When it comes to facts and myths about renting heavy equipment, it’s important to find relevant information from relevant sources. Rented doesn’t mean old! Quite the opposite, if you opt to rent, you’ll see that there are many more choices regardless of your budget. With the competitive market, no supplier can afford to rent an unreliable, worn-out piece of plant equipment. Also, if you happen to have a long-term contract with a supplier, they’ll probably even replace the older ones when they get new models. 

At Addplant, we make sure that all our equipment is top-notch. You’ll never need to compromise with the quality when you hire plant equipment, and we’re committed to providing the right heavy equipment rental facts. 

Knowing facts and myths of hiring plant equipment is key for a successful hire. Ask your supplier for advice – they will be happy to help. When you compare the plant hire facts and myths, you may find that renting plant equipment is an affordable and practical choice.

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