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Creating site offices, meeting rooms, storage units, washroom facilities, and more, is no small feat. Especially, when you’re on a constructions site which consists of nothing but wasteland and rubble!

At Addplant we understand that you need to be able to create a working environment that not only meets UK regulations but that is also workable and suitable to meet your needs too.

That’s why our range of site accommodation in Hull is used by hundreds of companies across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire – because we provide exactly what you need when you need it.

Site Accommodation Solution in Hull
Site Accommodation and portable cabins provider in Hull

Benefits of Portable Cabin Hire

Portable cabins are flexible structures which allow you to create complete sites for any given reason, for any given number of people.

They allow you to work with the space you have as units can be double and even triple stacked on top of each other. Meaning you don’t have to worry about spacing issues, and you don’t have to compromise on what facilities you can offer site workers.

Site accommodation can be configured to any site, and at Addplant we work with you to make sure you get the right solution for you — creating structures that allow you to have site offices, meeting rooms, toilets and shower facilities, canteens and break rooms, changing and drying rooms, combination units, storage units and much more. The choice and flexibility are all yours.

These units are also semi-permanent. Hired for the timescales that you need them for, but they do not need to be a permanent feature of your site, which for many construction and building sites is a necessity.

At Addplant, we also have our own Hiab transport, so we can help micromanage your delivery schedules and any other requirements, installing and removing units as and when required.

Addplant Site Accommodation

Our portable cabins are bright, modern, secure and anti-vandal. Our prices also include all furnishings (depending on what you require) and our full range come in sizes ranging from 6`x6` right up to 20`x8`.

All units have internal locks fitted as standard, as well as lock boxes and in some instances, additional padlocks too – providing complete peace of mind that you, your team and your belongings and equipment are safe and secure with Addplant.

The portable cabins can also be furnished to meet specific requirements, including:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Filing cabinets etc
  • Tables

All at no additional cost to you.

These furnishings range in size from 8`x8` right up to 30`x9`.

We’re confident that we can offer a solution to all site accommodation enquiries.


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